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Budget-Friendly Simple Winnie the Pooh Plus Size Disneybound

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You may think Disneybounding is hard to do or expensive, but it is easy and affordable. Use whatever you have and don’t let missing accessories stop you from sharing your love for Disney through bounding. I am sharing my simple Winnie the Pooh Plus Size Disneybound and this look was cheap and very easy to put together.

Winnie the Pooh Plus Size Disneybound

My Winnie the Pooh Plus Size Disneybound

Winnie the Pooh is a very easy Disneybound look because only 2 colors are needed, red and yellow. For each Disneybounding outfit, picking out the main colors is key. Keeping the colors in the same order as they are on the character is recommended but I believe if you accessorize correctly people can still see who you are bounding as. 

My red top came from Bealls Outlet and I paid just $6 for it.

The yellow skirt was made and I got the material for a $1/yard in the Walmart Fabric Clearance bin. I made my skirt because finding yellow shorts, pants, or skirts as a plus sized person proved to be a little hard. It baffles me to no end why plus sized clothing designers think we always want to wear black! I would thrift for the yellow bottoms as I could not even find a whole lot to share on here.

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Accessories make Disneybounding outfits recognizable. I try using what I already own or make jewelry and items to match. For my Winnie the Pooh bound I made a yellow and black necklace to represent bees. You know Winnie the Pooh loves his honey and is always fighting those bees!  

Putting Together Your Own Winnie the Pooh Disneybound

Putting together s Disneybound look is not hard at all. Find a red top, sweater, or jacket and pair with a yellow dress, skirt, pants, or shorts.

Winnie the Pooh Accessory Ideas

  • Bee themed jewelry/purses
  • Honey themed items
  • Piglet necklace/purse

You do not have to be at Disney World to Disneybound! I took these pictures in my own backyard. Show your love for Disney wherever you are, even at work!

If you put together a Disneybound look please join the Pixie Dusted Disney Fans Facebook group and share your bound with us!

Thank you for sharing!