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What Will Disney Characters Autograph? 20+ Creative Ideas

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Are you bored with the traditional Character Autograph book that ends up sitting on a bookshelf after the vacation collecting dust?

These 20+ Creative ideas for collecting Disney Character Autographs will give you plenty of options for remembering your special visit with your favorite characters!

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Many times I have mentioned that meeting characters is one of my favorite experiences at Disney World. For years I just met with characters and interacted with them. Then about a year ago I decided to start getting autographs from the characters.

Since the parks are always getting new characters and sometimes retiring others I wanted a way to remember the moment with something other than a picture. Then I got thinking, What Will Disney Characters Autograph? I did some research and asked plenty of cast members and I am going to share with you lots of ideas so you can find the option that is perfect for your family!

Disney's Rabbit autographing a tree skirt

What Will Disney Characters Autograph?

T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Jackets, Hats. You can’t be wearing the item but you can bring one. Make sure to also bring a piece of cardboard or a clipboard so the character has something sturdy to sign on.


Disney Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters. Have the character sign on their page. you can have brand new characters sign in the back.

Disney’s Who’s Who Character Book. Just a tip while using this book, be careful sharing the facts from this book with the characters, lol. The character attendant while I was visiting with Russell just started reading the book and the book mentions Russell’s Dad and that he doesn’t spend much time with Russell. This made Russell cry! Russell did love seeing pictures of Kevin and Dug though! This book elicits so many fun character interactions!

Disney's Who's Who Book Russell page signed

Plates. I did this plate for my birthday breakfast at Akershus!

Dollar Tree Plate signed by Disney Princesses
Plastic Ornament signed by Daisy Duck

Ornaments. I use see-through plastic ones. Click here for instructions on how I made this DIY Glitter one! 

Disney Golden Books. Take your child’s favorite childhood books and add the autographs of their favorite characters. Even if the character is not in the book, pick out something in the book that reminds you of the character. In the Mother Goose book, my friend Julie had Rapunzel sign near a horse that reminded her of Maximus.


Backpacks – Use a light-colored or white backpack.

Tree Skirts– This is a project I am working on. Once filled I am going to embroider over the signatures.

Stockings- Great for remembering a Christmas Vacation spent at Disney!

Halloween Candy Buckets- This is great for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party when there are more villains out.

Large White Mickey Vinylmation

A 3 ring Binder. Have the characters sign the outside and inside. Great for students and teachers!

Quilting squares- After the trip, combine the autograph squares with cute Disney material to make a blanket that will be cherished forever!

3×5 or 5×7 index cards to scrapbook with the photos.  Characters who don’t sign autographs usually hand out cards.

Coffee Mugs

PhotoBooks – I used Mixbook to make my book. Read my Mixbook review to find out more.

Scrapbook signed by Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy

Park Maps, especially the high-quality ones you order from Disney

Big Mickey Gloves, they have them available in the parks.

White Apron

Aprons, blank light colored ones. I love this cute White Ruffled Apron from Flirty Aprons, it is perfect!

Handmade Autograph Books – No need to spend so much on an autograph book. Making the book can be part of the countdown activities you have planned prior to the trip.


A baseball, basketball, soccer ball, football

Tips for Collecting Disney Character Autographs:

  • Please keep in mind that it is hard for costumed characters like Mickey and Pluto to see your items to have signed. Don’t pick items that are too small or they will have a hard time signing it.
  • Permanent markers work best on cloth, canvas, autograph books, and plastic. Easy to open clickable Sharpies are what the characters and their handlers prefer.
  • If you do have a traditional autograph book or a book I mentioned above, write your address in it. If you lose or forget it, Disney will mail it back to you for free!
  • For anything plastic like ornaments, lunchboxes, etc. cover the autograph with modpodge or clear nail polish to prevent it rubbing off.
  • For plain white ceramics like plates and coffee cups (get from the Dollar Tree) bake at 350 degrees. Put the item in the oven before the preheat time and remove once completely cool.

What are you going to use to collect character autographs for your next trip? Let me know in the comments!

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20+ Creative Ideas for Disney Character Autographs

Thank you for sharing!

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