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Westgate Towers Resort in Kissimmee, FL Review

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I recently stayed in the Westgate Towers Resort in Kissimmee, Fl. I found the room on and it is about 5 minutes or less to Disney. I had a blogging event to go to in the evening and didn’t want to travel home at night so I wanted a room. My usual room I find on Hotwire was not to be found so I had to take a chance on another. I do have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the value I got for what I paid on Hotwire. Of course, right after I booked I went to the hotel’s website and checked it out. I assumed that because I booked the room on hotwire and it was just Christa and I that I would get the Studio Villa.  Nope, for the Hotwire price I got the 1 bedroom villa. I only stayed one night so my review does not include a review of the pool or any amenities. Though most of the pools close at 8 so they are not a huge pull for me at this resort.

Westgate Towers Resort in Kissimmee, FL Review
The master bathroom
The master bathroom jacuzzi tub and shower

What I liked about the room/experience:

  •  The size of the room. It was huge! Even the galley kitchen was big enough to 2 Pooh-sized gals to walk around in.
  • The cleanliness. Everything was clean. No bugs to be seen and I even checked for bedbugs.
  • The inside of the resort was beautiful as well. Lots of lobby areas to relax.
  • The bed. It was so soft! One of my main fears about traveling to a resort is not having enough pillows. This time was worse because I forgot to bring one of my own. I had no reason to fear. Lots of pillows and extra ones in the closet. Plus, unlike the current trend at hotels (even Disney ones) this hotel actually had a fluffy comforter on the bed. It was white too so you can tell if it is dirty or not.
  • The TV in the living room area has a DVD player with a USB port. My husband and I like bringing our own movies and this feature is a HUGE plus to me! 

What I didn’t like about the room/experience:

  • The parking situation. It was crazy! When I checked in I was given a map on where to park based on my room location. They even drew on the map how to get there. I left to go to my destination and returned to the resort about midnight.  I was tired and just wanted to go to bed. I went the way directed and a gate was in place and locked. Another car had followed me so I was stuck for a moment as 2 cars try to back up and out of a small space. After that, I go the long way to get the parking area. That was a mistake. All the spots were full. One handicapped space was open and the 4-5 cars were taking turns backing into the spot and turning around. Somehow I ended up waiting and a car behind me didn’t see the gate was closed and was honking at me to move. Hmmm…what was I supposed to do hit the gate, lol 🙂  Thankfully, someone came and opened the gate for me to get out. I went back to front desk and they told me I could park in the check in parking because I was only staying one night. They close the gate at 11 for safety reasons.  In my opinion, if you are going to have a gate for safety reasons at least leave it open for all the tourists coming back from the theme parks or have a guarded gate and make it where only guests get in.
  • This next reason is not a reason to completely count out this resort but it is one to consider. The decor is outdated in the rooms. It gives a 80’s feeling or older. No outlets to be found near the bed. I had to charge my phone and camera batteries either in the bathroom or kitchen. If more than a couple people were going to use this room a power cord would be very useful.
  • The rooms have blinds, but not curtains over them so the room does not get completely pitch dark. This trip it didn’t effect me much since I was going to rope drop the next morning and was going to be up early. I am going to the #rockyourdisneyside party and I am going to be going to sleep around 6:30am and know I want the room to be pitch black so I can sleep.
  • The air conditioning didn’t cool. Thank goodness for the ceiling fans. I love sleeping in a very cool room. We set the thermostat for 70 degrees. It was 77 degrees when we got into the room, 75 degrees after waking up, and 77 again after taking our hot showers. I am thinking maybe the air conditioning units are about as old as the decor.
  • The staff was so-so. Some were nice, some were kind of rude. The rude people I encountered could have been more my fault as I was tired and frustrated by the parking situation.


The resort is decent for the $66+ taxes I paid for it through No parking fees too! Would be good for one or two-night stay. Not really sure if I personally could sleep in a room that never completely cools down for the duration of a long vacation. I would stay here again. Compare with prices on

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