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How to Save Money on Plus Size Clothes

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One of the best ways to boost your confidence when you are plus size is to dress your body in clothes you feel awesome in. Plus-size size clothing can be expensive and today I want to share with you all the ways I save money on plus-size clothes. Whether it is for a day at the Disney Parks or a comfy day at home I want to look and feel my best.

How to Save Money on Plus-Size Fashions

Have Wardrobe Basics

Let’s talk undergarments first. The most important undergarment for a plus-sized woman is her bra. The best way to get a great fitting bra is to get fitted. You can go to many plus-size stores to get fitted. Places like Victoria Secret’s do fittings as well but I feel less self-conscious going to a plus-size store for a bra fitting. 

If you have a closet filled with neutral basics you can throw together lots of different classic looks. Most neutral basics can be mixed and matched to create new outfits. Different looks can also be made out of wardrobe basics by adding accessories. These basics can include:

  • a Basic White T-shirt and Tank Top 
  • black pants
  • khaki pants or skirt
  • Dark Wash Jeans 
  • Little Black Dress
  • Dress Pumps
  • Dress Flats
  • Knee Length Skirt
  • Jacket, jean or blazer style
  • sweater

Where I buy some of these basics. I love Just my Size basic tanks, and t-shirts. I was so disappointed when Walmart switched from Just my Size to Time & Tru because their clothes are just not as good. I bought a t-shirt from there and during the first wear, it started pilling. For tees, I love Target’s Ava & Viv brand. They are so soft and have lasted me a long time. Target usually has the basic tees and tanks for under $9 a piece. 

Know Your Measurements

If you are shopping online you need your measurements to make sure the clothes will fit you. This is especially true if you are shopping on Amazon. Many times the clothes are from the UK or Asain countries and their sizes differ from American sizes. Sometimes I sew my own clothes and have a helpful printable on measurements to take. You won’t need all those measurements but they are helpful to have. 

Go for Quality

I get so excited when I see a store offering plus size clothes and then get disappointed. Not every store should.  You can’t just take a smaller person’s clothes and just add more material. When you try something on, move around in it. Sit down, stretch, extend your belly. One thing to look for is tighter stitches. My favorite stores for quality plus size clothes are Torrid, Lane Bryant, and Macy’s. 

Stores I avoid in regards to quality include Rainbow and Walmart. 

Know Which Styles Flatter your Shape

Knowing which styles and cuts flatter your body will help you save money. I might find a really cute dress, but if it doesn’t flatter me on days where I am feeling like an elephant,(please tell me I am not the only one to have those days) it will just sit in my closet. I am not saying there are styles that are off limits for us plus-size girls. I rock a bikini, mid-drifts, and mini skirts. When you put something on it should flatter your shape and curves and make YOU feel beautiful. 

Sign up for Email & Text Coupons

I get so many coupons in my email from the stores I love shopping at. My favorite coupons are total order coupons like $10/$25. Consider starting a “shopping” email account just to sign up for coupon mailings. Some stores have loyalty accounts and store certain coupons/discounts on your account. Programs like Torrid’s Haute Cash or Old Navy’s Super Cash are a great way to shop and save. 

Shop Clearance

Most stores have their clearance in the back of the store and that is where I head first. I also go to that section on a store’s website.

Price Match Between Online and Brick & Mortar 

A few weeks ago I was shopping for a bathing suit and found a super cute top from Hot Topic. I was going to order it online since Hot Topic does not carry their plus-size selection in stores. I was heading to the mall anyways because I wanted to pick out something for a movie date night. On a whim, I wandered in my Hot Topic. I am so glad I did. First, my store has a small plus size section. Basically, when people return something to the store she reshelves it rather than sends in back. She also marks it half off. I found a Captain Marvel shirt I loved on that rack. I was talking to her about the Ariel swimsuit that I loved. She told me to order it from the store and I could get the same special as they had in the store which was much better than the online sale. She also said that if the online deal was better she would honor that. 

Shop End of Season Sales

Buy swimwear in the fall. Winter coats in the spring. Don’t wait too long in the offseason though. I find waiting too long gets you a low selection of sizes.

Shop Discount Outlet Stores

I always find a nice, huge selection of clothes from Ross, Bealls Outlet, or Marshalls. Since other name brand stores send their items there, you usually get a wider selection of pieces in one area. Take it a set further and shop the clearance section in the outlet store. Discounts on top of discounts!

Avoid Store Credit Cards

Though it might sound nice to save such and such percentage for signing up, in the end, you are paying more than you would have saved.

Ship to Store 

If you don’t need the item immediately and have the option to ship to store, choose that option. It will save you the shipping cost and if the item doesn’t work out you can return at the store rather than returning it in the mail. 

What are some ways you save on plus-size clothes? Let me know in the comments! 

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