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Walt Life Subscription Box Review – Is it Budget-Friendly?

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Disclaimer: I received a Walt Life Subscription Box and a Pin Collector Package in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own. No other compensation was received. 

If you are looking for a dose of Disney Magic delivered right to your door then the Walt Life Subscription Box is the perfect subscription box for you. This Disney World subscription box will leave any Disney fan very, very happy!

Walt Life Subscription Box

What is the Walt Life Subscription Box?

A Walt Life Subscription box is a mystery box of Disney goodies that gets delivered right to your door.  Walt Life has five different box options for you to choose from.  Every box has the option for you to skip a month. The boxes are a combination of Disney Parks items and/or regular Disney items.

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Classic Box

  • 3+ Disney Mystery Items

Magic Box

  • 4+ Disney Mystery Items
  • Disney Giveaway Entry
  • Free USA Shipping

Magic Plus Box (this is the box I received)

  • 1+ Disney Parks Item
  • 4+ Disney Mystery Items
  • Disney Giveaway Entry
  • Free USA Shipping

Disney Parks Snack Box

  • 5+ Disney Parks Snacks
  • Disney Entry Giveaway

Kingdom Box

  • 3+ Disney Parks Items
  • 3+ Disney Mystery Items
  • Disney Giveaway Entry
  • Free USA Shipping

What are the Walt Life Pin Collector and Pin Edition Packages?

Once a month Walt Life will send you a Disney pin. The Pin Collector includes the back and Pin edition is just a regular Disney trading pin. All of these pins are authentic, so no scrappers! I received the Flower & Garden pin below with the Pin Collector subscription.

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My Walt Life Subscription Box Unboxing

Here is a video of my Walt Life Box unboxing. This is my first ever subscription box, no other box has interested me like this one does. I loved not knowing what was inside. I swear Walt Life also puts magic in their boxes to have gotten me things I absolutely adored.

Here is a rundown of what I received:

  • Mickey Mouse Adult Hat
  • Lion Guard Colored Pencils
  • 2 Disney Art Postcards
  • Disney Trading Pin- Minnie Mouse Emoji pin
  • Disney Parks Item- 2017 Wine & Dine Pin
  • Disney Beauty & The Beast Adult Coloring Book

The only item that I didn’t love was the Disney Parks Item. I love collecting pins and trading them in the parks. When it comes to event pins, I am pretty picky. For me to purchase an event pin, I needed to have attended the event. Since I didn’t do the Wine & Dine run then the pin is something I will probably trade in the future. The good thing about that though is that since the pin has the backer card, I can trade for a similarly valued pin and that makes me happy.

Is the Walt Life Subscription Box Budget-Friendly?

Overall, I think this is a great way for a Disney fan to get their Disney itch fixed especially if you are not close to the parks. The boxes with Disney Parks items are the best value because unless you live next to a Disney Parks Outlet Store you are paying full price for those items.

Let’s break down my box.  The current Walt Life Price for my box is $48 and includes the shipping.

  • Mickey Mouse Adult Hat $10.74 (Amazon price)
  • Lion Guard Colored Pencils $1 (priced on a website called Hollar).
  • 2 Disney Art Postcards – $4.95 ea. via Shop Disney Parks App
  • Disney Trading Pin- Minnie Mouse Emoji pin – To get an authentic trading pin it costs between $3-$4 online plus shipping)
  • Disney Parks Item- 2017 Wine & Dine Pin $14.99
  • Disney Beauty & The Beast Adult Coloring Book $8.63 (Amazon Price) plus shipping unless you have Prime

The items themselves come to $49.26. The value is in the free shipping and the Disney Parks items.To get Disney Parks items you usually have to hire a personal shopper, that can be pricey. This is a much better solution.

I also see value in the budgeting aspect of a subscription box. I can put a limit on my Disney spending. Let me loose in a Disney Store and I can do some damage. Or on the opposite end, I will spend nothing and then regret not getting something I wanted later. The Walt Life Subscription box puts a limit on me and helps me set a budget. If there is a month where I can’t afford it, then I skip that month. If I need to stop for awhile then I can cancel and there is no penalty. This is a risk-free way to grow your Disney collection!

You are also getting value in that someone else put the box together. You are surprised. I had such fun opening the box and seeing what was in store for me. You can’t even put a price on that!

I do not think the boxes that don’t include a Disney Parks item are a great bargain since they are general items you can buy almost anywhere. If you are a bargain shopper then you can probably find those items cheaper elsewhere.

Ready to have Disney surprises at your door every month? [su_button url=”” target=”blank” center=”yes” rel=”nofollow”]Choose Your Walt Life Subscription Box[/su_button]

Disney Subscription box



Thank you for sharing!

Candace P

Thursday 28th of May 2020

daughter in law ordered this for me for Mother’s Day. I don’t know what selection she picked but I was thrilled to get Rose ears and a mermaid mug. I also got small package of jelly beans which I thought was cheap.

The second box I got was awful! Ursula makeup? I am 66, where am I going to wear that? Bright red Evil Queen lip gloss? One foil package of Ariel facial worth $1? And another package of jelly beans! They won’t accept a return!

Stay away and you can pick your own stuff out for less money!