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Once Upon a Time, Season 4 Episode 6 : Family Business

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This week’s episode begins with a heretofore unknown character. She is putting off the guards from evacuating her from the home she is in because she is saving books. The ogres from the Ogre Wars are closing in and they need to leave immediately. I keep wondering with these Ogre Wars if we will eventually run into Shrek. Belle rushes into the room and we discover that her love of books came from her mother, who is the woman trying to pull books off the library shelves. Belle has rescued the one her mother first read to her. However, the ogres are upon them and it’s too late for them to leave. They hide under a table. I was disappointed with their choice of hiding places. The table was tall with a short tablecloth covering it and they have big skirts. I know ogres are supposed to be stupid, but it doesn’t take a genius to see two women under that set-up, especially when they are whispering to each other. It’s a library, for crying out loud–shouldn’t there have been some secret passageway behind a bookshelf? At least in Storybrooke’s library, there is an elevator down to a cavernous pit. As expected, the ogre yanks up the table and roars at the frightened women.

Belle sits up in bed suddenly, screaming “Mother!” For a second we think it’s present day, but she soon joins her father and other mourners in a room. She asks what is going on and then sees the casket behind them and realizes that her mother is dead, but she has no memory of what happened.

In Storybrooke, Rumpel is putting the magic box in his safe at Gold’s Shop, next to the real dagger. Or is it the fake one? He’s switched it back and forth so many times, it’s hard to tell. Sometimes I wonder if he will get confused. I believe this is the real one and Belle has the fake. Belle comes in and says that they are wanted at the sherriff’s station.

A little group has gathered around to watch Emma’s home video that reveals that the Snow Queen was her foster mother: Emma, Rumpel, Belle, Snow, Prince Charming, Henry, Hook, Elsa, Regina, and Robin Hood. Snow is moved by seeing her daughter that she missed so many years as a teen, but Regina brings it back from the sentimental to the realistic. They have searched the Snow Queen’s house and business but she has cleared out everything. Henry suggests looking for her ice cream truck, so they split up to search. Belle and Elsa head to the library to do some research.

In the Enchanted Forest, Belle wants to know what happened to her mother and tells her father that she has been reading of creatures in another land that may be able to restore memories. Her father forbids it, saying “magic always comes with a price.” Is this just a common phrase that everyone knows, like “Where’s the beef?” or did her dad first coin that phrase or has he had dealings with Rumpelstiltskin before and that’s where he learned that phrase? He leaves and orders her to stay in her room, but Belle pulls out a map of Arendelle and purposes to go anyway. Creatures? Rock trolls!

However, in Storybrooke, Belle continues to deny that she knows anything about Arendelle or Anna, though she is obviously lying as she was holding that same map in her hand and looks extremely guilty.

Anna reunites with Elsa after her journey to find out what her parents were seeking, but she lies about finding the answers. She is surprised to find her sister so well in control of her powers. Elsa says she has been training and the Snow Queen enters and tells Anna that she is her aunt Ingrid. Snow Queen, Ingrid, Sarah Fisher, Dairy Queen–and I keep wanting to call her Ice Queen. Who can keep all these names straight? And, incidentally, how does she get the title of “queen.” What is she “queen” of?

Anna tells Christoph that she doesn’t trust Ingrid because her mother never mentioned any sister and that there is no record of her anywhere. It’s hilarious when she says she is an excellent judge of character and Christoph pointed out that she got engaged to Hans after talking to him for ten minutes. She said she was young then. He said that she met him immediately after and she amended, “Young-ER.” She wants to go see the rock trolls to see what they have to say about this. She admits that she didn’t tell Elsa what she learned about their parents looking to take away Elsa’s magic so that he doesn’t spill the beans in her absence. The shot pans out and Ingrid is eavesdropping on their conversation.

The Snow Queen leaves the ice cream truck just as the party of Robin Hood, Regina, Hook, and Emma arrive. Smells like a set-up. Regina makes a crack about “Captain Eyeliner” which makes me giggle. She cleared everything out of the ice cream truck except for a locked cooler, which Hook breaks open. Inside is a file about Emma, including a news article about when Emma was found as a baby, so they know that she has been tracking her since Emma entered this world.

Elsa is becoming dejected when she can’t find anything and begins to wonder if her sister really did put her in that urn. Belle tries to encourage her that her sister loved her and she will find Anna, but Elsa says she didn’t even know Anna and Belle can’t admit that, so she excuses herself to go take care of something.

Enchanted Forest Belle stops in to see Oaken on her quest to find the rock trolls. Yoo-hoo! Oaken cracks me up! Anna enters and overhears and offers to help since she is on her way to see the rock trolls.

Robin Hood wants to talk to Regina, who is avoiding him. She finally admits that she has tried everything and cannot fix Marian. Robin Hood pledges his faith in her, but Regina says that the only way to save Marian is for him to forget about Regina and try to find a way to fall in love with his wife again. Wow. Huge selfless gesture from Regina. I think that is the most impressed with her I have been since the show began.

Rumpel meets the Snow Queen in the woods and warns her that Emma knows their history. There is some cryptic back and forth, but the apparent thing is that Rumpel wants a deal, but the Snow Queen says he doesn’t possess the leverage over her to get what he wants.

Meanwhile, Belle is rifling through the shop, gathering items, such as a pickaxe, to go after Anna.

Anna and Belle are walking and chatting, bonding over losing their mothers. Anna and Belle can be BFFs and Emma and Elsa can be besties! As in the movie Frozen, Anna thinks she can climb the mountain, but can’t and falls back, the magic box falling out of her bag. When Belle asks about it, Anna briefly explains, but doesn’t want to say too much about the evil wizard she took it from. She said she prays Belle “never cross paths with that twisted man.” Ha, ha! Little did she know that Belle would marry him!

Rumpel enters the shop to find Belle leaving and she admits she is going to look for the Snow Queen’s lair to fix a mistake she made long ago. She hopes that Rumpel will come with her. He refuses and says he will not allow her to go either, as it is too dangerous. Belle was afraid of that and was apologetic, but pulls out the dagger to force Rumpel to take her there. Ooh, conundrum…. Will Rumpel pretend that she has the real dagger and do as she asks or will he admit he’s lying to her to keep her from danger and from possibly finding out that he knows the Snow Queen and has been lying to everyone.

From the file, Emma finds that she was in the Snow Queen’s care for six months, the longest she ever stayed in one home, but she doesn’t remember any of it, so obviously her memory of that has been wiped too. The puzzling thing is finding Emma’s artwork in the file. She said you only keep those kinds of things if you care. She also finds a card that she gave to the Snow Queen/aka her foster mom that said she was the best family Emma had ever had, so they had obviously been close. But, what happened? Why did Emma leave after six months? Why didn’t Ingrid adopt her? If she had been tracking her since she was a baby, why didn’t she get her earlier than the teen years? They also find a scroll in the file that has more of that Nordic writing on it.

Rumpel apparently chooses to cover his own rear and takes Belle to the Snow Queen’s lair. Belle order Rumpel to stand guard while she looks for a magical hat that she knows the Snow Queen has. Ouch! No, your darling husband possesses that particular article. Belle says something about wanting to be the hero.

Belle and Anna arrive where the rock trolls live and meet Grand Pabbie. He says he can help get Belle’s memory back. He pulls the memory from her head and into a stone. He tells her to go to the site that she lost her memory and brew some tea with the stone in the kettle and drink it and she will have her memory back. Kind of reminds me of the Wizard of Oz handing out gifts. It’s Anna’s turn and she tells him about Ingrid. He knows. He admits that their mother was not an only child, she had two sisters. Gerda was their mother and the youngest. Helga and Ingrid were the other two. They were all very close and played together until one day Helga and Ingrid vanished and no one knew what had happened to them. The king and queen and entire kingdom were so heartbroken that they asked him to erase them from their memories, which he did, and all mention of them was stricken from the records. So, why doesn’t Ingrid tell them the whole story? Where is Helga? And what happened when they vanished? I’m guessing that whatever happened to them when they vanished is what caused Ingrid to have powers, though that doesn’t explain how Elsa got them. And I suspect that Helga is dead, possibly accidentally frozen by Ingrid which was why she was put in the urn and why she says people misunderstand people like her.

In the Snow Queen’s cave, Belle hears her name being called over and over. She follows it and finds the mirror.

Anna and Belle are making their way back, along a cliff when a storm pops up. Anna thinks her aunt has sent the storm to prevent her from telling Elsa what she knows. Anna says that she wants to use the box to strip her Aunt of her powers, but then Anna falls over the edge of the cliff and Belle drops her memory rock. Anna is clinging to the side and asking Belle for help and Belle is torn between reaching the rock and grabbing Anna. She reaches for the rock, but it falls off and shatters. She goes toward Anna, but Anna loses her grip and falls to the ground below, knocked unconscious. The Snow Queen appears and picks up the magic box. Belle screams for her to leave Anna alone. Ingrid replies that this is family business and she and Anna disappear in a cloud of smoke.

In the Snow Queen’s lair, the reflection of Belle in the mirror is criticizing her for choosing the rock over saving Anna. It continues to insult her and call her weak and says that the Dark One only married her because she is weak and can be manipulated. It also says that deep down she knows that that dagger is a fake. Rumpel comes in to warn Belle that the Snow Queen is coming. Belle seems to be in a trance and when Rumpel tries to get her out of it, she attacks him with the dagger. He waves his arm and in a puff of smoke, they are standing in his shop. Belle is back to her normal self and feels awful about the wound she inflicted on Rumpel and that she used the dagger to control him. She said that the mirror told her awful things and that the dagger was fake. He lied and told her that everything the mirror said was a lie. Belle admits that she has been keeping a secret and that she did know Anna and apologizes for not telling Rumpel. She twists the dagger, so to speak, by saying she never should have kept a secret from him because she knows he would never keep a secret from her. Ew.

In the Enchanted Forest, Belle returns home where her father has been worried about her. He confesses that he knows what happened to her mother, he just didn’t want to make her pain worse. The guards came to get them and her mother stood in the path of the ogre and held it off until they got Belle to safety. When they came back for her mother, she was dead. She died protecting Belle. Belle wants to end this Ogre War once and for all and wants to call a wizard that she read about. Her father says no, as if he has crossed paths with Rumpel before. Belle tells him that a hero sacrifices everything to save those she loves.

Rumpel visits the Snow Queen in her lair and they discuss the mirror. He wants assurances that when she unleashes the thing, those he cares about will not be hurt. Ingrid says she can’t make any promises. Rumpel lets her know that she was wrong about him not having the leverage he needed. He holds out the magical hat. So, how did Ingrid lose the magic box. And, still WHO’S HOUSE ARE BELLE AND RUMPEL STAYING IN, since that’s where he found the box, just lying around?

Anna awakes in a dungeon cell. Ingrid said that all she wanted was a family that would accept her for the way she is and she had thought the three of them could be that, but it was apparent that Anna was the odd woman out and she would have to find a replacement.

Elsa found a book in the library that had their lineage in it. Um, thought that was all erased??? She points out her mother and her sister Ingrid, the Snow Queen, and another sister named Helga, who just happens to look like Emma. Elsa sees the scroll they found and translates. She says it is a prophecy that the name of the savior would be Emma and Emma shall become Ingrid’s sister.

Belle arrives and confesses that she knew Anna and knew what happened to her, that the Snow Queen took her. She tells them about the mirror that is imbued with dark magic and that it will help her to cast a spell of shattered sight which will turn everyone against each other. Basically they will destroy each other, leaving only Ingrid, Elsa, and Emma–the three as a family like she wants.

In the preview for the next episode, Emma’s power is getting stronger and she is able to capture the Snow Queen. However, her powers are getting out of control and she is being destructive and scared to let anyone near her.

Thank you for sharing!