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Once Upon a Time, Season 4 Episode 3 (“Rocky Road”) Recap and Review

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Once Upon a Time 6

As this episode begins, Robin and Marian are walking with Roland and they stop in for some ice cream, another new oddity for Marian. The woman who runs the ice cream shop casts magic on Marian’s ice cream when her back is turned to them. She comments that it really “warms her heart” to see a family like them in her shop.

David, Emma, Hook, and Elsa are at Gold’s shop, asking Rumpel who Elsa is since she was in an urn in his vault. He swears he doesn’t know her and to prove it, he has Belle use the dagger to command him to tell the truth. Is it the real dagger or the fake one? He again asserts that he doesn’t know her. I am wondering if Emma’s superpower is malfunctioning because she supposedly can tell when someone is lying. Okay, I hardly think it’s a superpower if she didn’t know Walsh was lying about being HUMAN!

In Arendelle, Elsa is sporting an ugly hair updo, and planning to go after Anna. Christoph is trying to stop her. Some guy dressed in fancy uniform who absolutely doesn’t look Nordic at all comes in and says that there is an army amassing in the southern mountains, led by Hans and his brothers and that they are marching on Arendelle.

Snow is hosting a mayoral fireside chat. Wow, I really miss the adventurous bandit Snow. This one is so domestic and vanilla. I guess we all settle down, but I prefer her with the long hair and animal skins and bow and arrow. She is holding the baby while she greets everyone and David offers to take the baby. She says she is getting good at juggling, though she is beginning to have new respect for their court jester. “Rupert was special,” Charming agrees.

Snow wants the office of mayor to not be a place to fear any longer. She has handed out agendas for their discussion and they ask her about the ice wall. She says that they will get to that, as it is item four. Grumpy wants to skip items 1, 2, and 3 then. I wonder what items 1, 2, and 3 were as we never get back to that. Item four is the ice wall and Snow says that it’s not a big deal, but for the time being, it surrounds the entire city. They all start freaking out, but I wonder what in the world for–it’s not like any of them are leaving anyway. Marian’s hair turns white as she starts to freeze and she collapses.

Henry is at Granny’s and Regina walks in. Its the first time I have seen Regina casual! We always see her in designer clothes, power suits, or elaborate evil queen garb. She’s wearing a t-shirt and vest and has her hair pulled up in a ponytail! She has brought Henry his comic books and then steers the conversation to see if he knows who wrote the storybook. Henry is suspicious, but she tells him that she would like to find the writer and get him to change her story so she has a happy ending. Henry says it’s the best idea she has ever have and dubs it “Operation Mongoose.” Just then, Robin comes in to ask for her help.

Regina and Robin arrive at the mayor’s office where Marian is laid out on the couch. Regina catches a glimpse of a colorful bird picture on the wall in the otherwise black and white classy office. She asks whose idea that was and Snow replies that she tried to add her own personal touch. Regina quips, “you’ve succeeded…hideously.” She says that it’s strong magic that she can’t stop but she could slow down. I keep wondering how this powerful queen and the Dark One always seem to be one-upped by someone with even MORE power. True love’s kiss should break the spell, but when Robin kisses her, it doesn’t work. Emma heads out to find the snow queen and Regina mocks her since she seems to need more saving herself these days. Emma asks Hook to take Elsa to the sherriff’s station to keep her safe.

Though Elsa forbade Christoph from spying on the army, he and Sven go scouting anyway. They did a great casting job with Hans as I think he looks just like Hans in the animated movie. Hans has a scroll with a picture of an urn on it.

Christoph returns to Elsa to report what he saw and that he knows where the urn is. Hans is planning to use it to trap Elsa. Elsa decides to go with Christoph to destroy the urn before Hans and his brothers can get to it.

Meanwhile, back in Storybrooke, the towns people are figuratively picking up their pitchforks and torches to go after Elsa as she must be the one who froze Marian. Granny is right there in the mix and I was appalled because you would think as a werewolf that was hunted, she would be more understanding.

Elsa and Christoph arrive at a cliff and he tells her the cave is down below. Elsa asks if he would prefer a slide or a spiral staircase. A slide! A slide! wouldn’t that be awesome! No, he is afraid her magic will draw attention, so he pulls out a rope. I still wonder how Elsa repelled in her dress….

Hook and Elsa duck between buildings as the town lynch mob passes by. Elsa doesn’t want to hide and Hook says he’s glad because he isn’t taking her to the sherriff’s office, but the opposite direction. Elsa asks what’s in that direction and he replies, “with any luck, danger.” Elsa kind of smiles and plunges after him. In that moment, I was thinking Elsa + Hook! Yay! Get him away from Emma! What shall we call that ‘ship? Captain Elsa? Captain Freeze? Captain Frosty? The hook never bothered me anyway…. Ha, ha.

David and Emma are searching the forest and find the knave from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, also known as Will Scarlet. Emma tripped and fell on her face while chasing him and David had to tackle him. He tells them that as a thief, when the power went off, he went to work. As he was working his way down Main street, he went in the ice cream shop and even though the power had been out for hours, the ice cream was all still frozen.

Regina says she needs to do something drastic to save Marian and asks if Robin trust her. He says he does so she’s going to send Henry to get something from her vault.

Hook and Elsa go to Gold’s shop and Hook tells Rumpel that he knows that the dagger Belle has is a fake and that he will keep quiet about it if Rumpel helps them. Somehow, Hook has a piece of Marian’s frozen hair and Rumpel turns it back into snowflakes and said all magic is unique and it will seek out like magic so they should follow it. They don’t make a point of it, but I noticed that Elsa now knows that Rumpel was lying and that Belle has a fake dagger, as well as that Hook is blackmailing him about it. First, I wonder why she didn’t insist further on the truth from Rumpel if she knows he’s lying. And then, I wonder what will happen when Elsa mentions what she knows…

Snow is trying to hold the baby and fold up a stroller and put it in her trunk. Jiminy arrives and offers to help and Snow insists she can handle it all. Jiminy gives her a mini therapy session. Even though she missed things with Emma, she can let the baby go now and then and it will be fine, even healthier for her.

Will Scarlet tries to break back into the ice cream shop to prove what he’s saying, though Emma bumps him out of the way to do it faster, remarking about it being all about the tumblers, the line that Neal taught her. (Neal!) Will is right–the shop is quiet: no compressors or anything running. He suggests they look in the back and then robs the cash register and runs off. David has to give Emma a pep talk because she is feeling like the “anti-savior.” Incidentally, I LOVE the color of the ice cream shop, as well as the name (Any Given Sundae).

As Hook and Elsa are walking through the woods, Elsa gives some insight to Hook about Emma. Since Emma seems to be pulling away, she says that it’s hard to have the weight of the world on your shoulders, since they are kindred spirits and understand each other. On their way to becoming besties!

Christoph and Elsa find the urn. When Elsa touches it, writing appears and she wonders if it gives any clues to her magic or magic in general. She doesn’t want to destroy it, but then Hans and three of his brothers appear. Elsa gets two and Christoph fights one, but Hans threatens to kill Christoph, so Elsa backs down. I don’t understand why she can’t freeze all four of them.

Hook and Elsa find the Snow Queen in the woods. Hook pulls out a cell phone. Elsa asks what it is. He starts to explain what the device is, then says he doesn’t bloody know, he just pushes the “Emma button” and she answers, usually. Well, usually not. How often in this show has David or someone else tried to reach Emma by cell phone when there’s an emergency and she doesn’t answer? Hook leaves her a message that they found the Snow Queen and why does she even have that thing if she never answers it? Ha, ha. Exactly what I was thinking!

In Arendelle, Elsa hands over the urn and tells Christoph to find Anna and save Arendelle. Hans pours out the urn, but it oozes out and grows into the Snow Queen. Christoph quips, “You didn’t check to see if it was empty first?” The Snow Queen freezes Hans and the brothers run away with their tails between their legs. Now, why couldn’t Elsa have done that?

In the Storybrooke woods, Hook is frozen to the ground when they try to leave to find Emma. The Snow Queen tells Elsa that the rock trolls have pulled her memory and that it was Anna who put her in the urn. She says eventually all people become scared of them and turn on them. Freezing Marian was her way of showing Elsa that the townspeople will easily turn on her. She threatens Hook with some large icicles over his head and says that once Hook is dead, they will really be after Elsa. Elsa tries to stop it, but is told that the Snow Queen neutralized her magic. How did she do that? How convenient that she can…. Why only Elsa’s? Not Emma, Rumpel, or Regina apparently. David and Emma appear and Emma shouts, “hey Dairy Queen!” Ha, ha. I love their little puns and one-liners. The Snow Queen seems surprised to see Emma but also seems to know her, but says that her reputation preceeds her. If that’s the case, why is she surprised to see her? Emma uses her magic to knock the Snow Queen to the ground and David saves Hook, but the Snow Queen vanishes.

In Arendelle, Elsa and the Snow Queen are giggling and bonding about building snowmen and ice palaces. The Snow Queen sees the portrait of Elsa’s parents and says that Elsa’s mom was her sister. I suspect this is a lie and my theory is that the Snow Queen is Elsa’s real mom. She’s evil and was trapped in the urn and then Elsa was adopted by the king and queen. Why else would she be the only one in the family with magic? I suppose it’s possible since Emma has magic and Snow and Charming do not, but what else could they have written on that message in a bottle?

Elsa tells Emma that the Snow Queen was lying–there’s no way Anna would put her in the urn. Emma says that she brought Elsa there by accident but she believes that the Snow Queen is there on purpose and says there is something familiar about her when she said Emma’s name.

Marian looks like a popsicle now and Robin tells Regina that the reason the kiss didn’t work is because he is in love with Regina still. Henry returns with a box and Regina rips out Marian’s heart. It hasn’t frozen yet, so she puts it in the box, which should keep her alive until they can figure out a way to thaw her. The colorful bird picture on the wall of the mayor’s office was a nice Snow White-like addition, but the frozen woman on the couch makes a very strange decoration indeed.

Emma admits to Hook that she is pushing him away and trying to keep him safe because she is afraid to lose someone else. She has lost everyone she has ever loved. They have all died: Graham, Neal, even Walsh.

The Snow Queen is strolling through the woods at night. Why is she always skulking through the woods? Rumpel is sitting there and obviously knows her. He says he is sorry things didn’t work out the way she wanted. She replies that they will. He asks if Emma recognized her because that would be bad for her. He also asked if she needed his help. She said when she wanted his help, she would let him know. I hope there is another side to this. I hate the idea of Rumpel lying and sneaking around and helping the bad guy. The only reason he helped Zelena last season was because he was compelled to do so by her possession of the dagger. And he killed his own father before that. And he may have looked like he was helping Regina cast the curse, but it was ultimately to find Neal and he set up the whole Emma-savior thing to break the curse someday. So, now, after he has married his true love and stood on his son’s grave, promising to be the man his son died for, how can he be working the other side? There has to be more to it that we don’t know.

In the preview for the next episode, Hook gets his hand back for a date with Emma and Anna apparently made a deal with Rumpel.

Thank you for sharing!