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Once Upon a Time Season 4, Episode 2 “White Out” recap and review

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davidI don’t know what happened to my DVR last night, but it didn’t record my Once Upon a Time episode. We had some light rain in the area, but not enough to knock out power or cable. If a sporting event had delayed it, it still would have recorded SOMETHING. So, I agonizingly had to wait for it to be put up “On Demand” today. My husband is working a double (he’s a paramedic, so that means 48 hours straight) and there was NO WAY I was waiting until Wednesday to watch!

The episode begins with Elsa stating to Anna, wherever she may be, “Until we’re together, no one leaves this town.” She causes large ice walls to form, blocking the roads that lead in and out of Storybrooke (and apparently, according to Hook, all along the perimeter).

In the Enchanted Forest, many years ago (as opposed to “a long time ago” from last week), Anna knocks on a farmhouse door that turns out to belong to none other than farmboy David…with long hair. We were taken aback by the hair at first, but finally started to get used to it by the end of the episode. I don’t think he had that particular coif when his “father” the king came to replace his twin brother with himself. Apparently he is a friend of Christoph’s and Anna was sent there and asks to stay in his barn. She is careful not to involve him too much in her “secret mission” so he won’t be in danger and tells him her name is Joan. Then a new villain enters, Bo Peep.

Back in Storybrooke, the little prince is being put to bed and when the question is mused as to what babies dream about, comically, David walks past and says, “bullfighting” as Emma strides by the other direction and says, “laser tag.” Henry made a care package for Regina. He had apparently Googled to find out what to use to get over a broken heart. A crow arrives on the window sill with a message that says that Regina wants Henry to stay away while she figures things out, or while she presumably continues her downward spiral into her old ways. Henry is upset by this.

The power suddenly goes out all over town, as the ice walls knock over a power pole. Speaking of putting up walls, Emma and David are discussing Henry blocking her comfort and David points out that both his mothers put up walls to protect themselves as they ironically drive up to the ice wall at the edge of town.

Granny and Grumpy and Happy (I think) go to see Snow to get her to fix the power problem. When she says to go speak to the mayor about it, they inform her that she is the mayor now. It’s her curse, she’s mayor.

Hook appears out of the woods to meet David and Emma and while they try to figure out what the wall is for, Hook says, “to kill us all one by one. That’s what I’d do.” He’s such a cheery optimistic fellow! As Emma steps towards the wall since she detects movement, instead of being fatherly and protective and going with her, he gets fatherly and protective, asking Hook’s intentions. Emma finds Elsa and tries to talk to her gently and in a nonconfrontational and “back away slowly and don’t make eye contact” kind of way.

Apparently in the Enchanted Forest, Bo Peep is a warlord. Wow, you think you know a fairy tale and then you find out that the sheep girl is a warlord, Peter Pan is a psychopath, and Hook is a dark and brooding hunk. Bo Peep is sort of like the mafia–pay a portion of your earnings and her army won’t kill you or make you her slave. Her crook is the source of her power. David wants to abandon the farm but Peep “brands” him with her crook as part of her “flock” and says that no matter where he flees, she can find him with it.

David and Hook decide to forego their man-to-man talk to come after Emma and in doing so, startle Elsa, who, still not in complete control of herself, causes stalagmites to spring up and trap Emma and herself inside an ice cave. I was thinking that maybe David would recognize Elsa’s name or hear her talk about Anna and know exactly who she was right away, but I remembered that Anna had gone by the name Joan when he had met her.

Back at David’s farm, Anna teaches David to swordfight. Ha! Who’d have thought that Anna taught Prince Charming how to fight??? She wants him to stand up to Bo Peep instead of just letting her run over him. He tells her the story of his dad, who was an alcoholic, but had promised that he would quit drinking for his son and left for a two week trip for supplies, promising he’d be a new man when he came back. David excitedly answered the door on the 14th day, only to find a constable there. His dad had stayed sober for 13 days and on the last night, he’d spent the evening at the tavern and then wrecked his cart into a ravine.

In Storybrooke, Emma tells Elsa to “hit undo” to get them out of the ice cave. Then, over the walkie-talkie, she actually calls David “dad.”

Meanwhile, Snow with baby in the stroller and the complaining trio of Granny, Gumpy, and Happy are at the power plant and Snow is trying to figure out how to switch the power back on. They three won’t stop yammering and Happy goes into a tirade about no CD, TV, DVD, DVR, etc., and Snow has a new mother meltdown that I found hysterical and completely accurate! “Stop saying letters! Look, I am NOT magic! I have had eight hours of sleep in the past week! I am breastfeeding and I am exhausted! I DON’T need this! I may have cast a little curse, but I did not ask to maintain a metropolitan electrical grade. Oh, and get this…I am starting to get why Regina was evil! It wasn’t her! It was YOU! YOU have survived your ENTIRE lives without lightbulbs! BUY A FLASHLIGHT!” Bahahahahahaha!

In the ice cave, Emma recognizes that Elsa can’t control her power. Elsa says that she needs Anna, that Anna helps her keep control. They start to bond as Emma talks about how she can’t control her own power. She’s too cold to be able to use her power now and gets sleepy. Elsa is remorseful and tries to talk to her to keep her awake. Yay! New BFFs!

Hook and David go to Gold’s shop because Emma told them over the walkie that the necklace Elsa found was there. You’d think that being married to his true love or lingering paternal love and pride might have him more concerned for the well-being of the woman his son loved and mother of his grandson, but he doesn’t seem to care in the slightest and asks what business is it of his. Not a great Rumpel moment. Belle shows them an inventory card with a picture of a necklace on it and David recognizes it as “Joan’s.”

In the Enchanted Forest of the past, David goes to the barn to speak to Anna and finds Bo Peep there and she has Anna’s necklace and says she has Anna tucked away and should she escape, she’s been branded so she will be able to find her.

In Storybrooke, Peep runs the “Chop Shop” butcher shop. David and Hook get the drop on her and take her crook, as Elsa tells Hook over the walkie that Emma is freezing to death.

Back in the Enchanted Forest again, Apparently David learned enough swordfighting in one day with Anna that he is able to dispatch two of Peep’s professional soldiers. Though, if she has an army, I wonder how he got away with only getting rid of two of them without the rest coming after him. He fights Peep and then takes her crook and finds Anna, who gives him a little speech about doing what needs to be done and having courage and all that jazz. David says he doesn’t want to be “trapped in a life I don’t want,” which I found ironic because he ended up being conscripted into being the replacement prince and nearly forced to wed that detestable Abigail, Midas’ daughter.

At the ice wall, David tells Elsa pretty much the same speech that Anna had given him and she recognizes the words and realizes that he knew her sister and will help her find her. She tries and creates a hole in the ice and they get Emma out and David vows to help her find Anna.

Snow is still trying to figure out how to turn the power on, now that she scared off the Troubling Threesome. The baby starts fussing and she figures out that the generator needs fed, like baby, and turns on the fuel source and the lights come back on.

They are all at Snow and Charming’s apartment, trying to get Emma warm and Henry hugs her and says, “I was down to one mother and I won’t go lower than that.”

At the farmhouse, David puts Anna on his dad’s horse to continue on her “secret mission.” David’s mother gives her some advice about someone who might know how to help her with magic problems, but doesn’t want to say his name out loud, so she slips a piece of paper in her hand, which Anna reads as she rides away: “Rumpelstiltskin.”

The group tries, but the can’t see Anna in the crook, but they can hear a heartbeat, so they believe she must be alive and David assures Elsa that this family doesn’t give up on people.

Inspired by his grandpa’s speech, Henry goes to Regina’s and stands outside the door and yells that he won’t give up and that he will keep coming back every day. I’d been wondering what she had been up to during this whole episode! Surely her fireballs would have come in handy… She opens the door and hugs Henry. Will he be enough to keep her on the straight and narrow?

Emma and Elsa are looking at the ice wall and Emma makes a pun about it being “cool.” Elsa tries, but she can’t undo the wall. They can’t figure out why because she should be able to undo it and no one else should have the power to keep in in place.

Joining the other Lost castaways (Emilie de Ravin/Belle, Naveen Andrews/Jafar, Rebecca Mader/Zelena, and Alan Dale/King George) that have crossed over to the Once Upon a Time conglomerate, Elizabeth Mitchell runs an ice cream shop called “Any Given Sundae.” Ha, love the name! She apparently has the same kind of power as Elsa because she turns a vat of cream into ice cream in seconds and then leans back on the freezer door and it all frosts over.

In next week’s episode, we will learn more about her, who we believe is the “Snow Queen.”

There was a cut scene from the episode that aired on Good Morning America this morning. I tracked it down and watched it. If you missed it, you can see it here. Snow went to see Regina and Regina yells for her to go away, but Snow walks in anyway with her baby carriage and says, “you forget, I’m a bandit,” to which Regina replies that the stroller threw her off and if she was going to go around breaking in houses, she should hire a sitter. Snow asks if Regina knows how to get the power back on and Regina says that’s her problem now. When she cast the curse, she became mayor, but since Snow cast the curse, she was in chage now: “welcome to public office.” They talk a little about whether Regina is okay and Regina is obviously snarky. But, she asks how Henry is and asks Snow to tell him this is only temporary. Then she tells Snow that she suggests going to the power plant to get the emergency generator going.

So, the questions we need answering now are: What was on the message in the bottle that Elsa and Anna’s mom wrote? Who is the Snow Queen and how does she fit in? Where is Anna? And whose house are Belle and Rumpel staying in? Next week’s episode is tongue-in-cheek titled “Rocky Road.”

Thank you for sharing!