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Tuesday 10- 10 Christian Movies I Love

Thank you for sharing!

e115c23edc32a9d8f7e61c065a12f254When it comes to the big screen, Christians certainly don’t have the spotlight. The typical movie promotes so many morally wrong behaviors such as infidelity, promiscuity, pride, drunkenness, and the list goes on. When I do finally find a film that glorifies God, or at the very least promotes godly behavior I tend to take a great interest in them. Sadly, some of the films are lower budget so the technical quality isn’t the best, but to me these 10 Christian Movies don’t suffer because of that. They are movies that display faith, love, and Christian values!

10 Christian Movies I Love:

  1. The Passion of the Christ – This is a must watch for every Easter. Such a well-made film taking us through the crucifixion.
  2. Flywheel – Such a great movie!
  3. October Baby- You can read my full review here.
  4. Facing the Giants – This movie means a lot to me because of the infertility issues in it. My husband likes it because of the football.
  5. Diary of a Mad Black Woman– Hilarious! Tyler Perry movies are good, but not necessarily good for child as there is some language.
  6. Fireproof – Very personal movie to me as my husband struggles with with the same addiction portrayed in this movie. I cry almost every time I watch it.
  7. Courageous– Another one of my favorite Sherwood films. I have seen them all!
  8. Love Comes Softly – I grew up reading the novels as a child, so the movies have a place in my heart.
  9. Disney’s Chronicles of Narnia: Lion Witch & Wardrobe – A great movie, that because it was produced by Disney, got into mainstream media.
  10. The Ultimate Gift

I haven’t seen God’s Not Dead yet, so I can’t add that to my list. What is your favorite Christian movie?

Thank you for sharing!