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Sea World Music Playlist | Road Trip Music to Inspire

Thank you for sharing!

Everytime we go to Disney we make a mix CD for the car. It takes about 2 hours to get to Orlando so we got through the CD abut 1.5 times. I am making a mix CD for our Sea World Trip on October 5th for the Spooktacular Celebration. Some of the music is ocean inspired and some of the music goes with the conservation message Seaworld tries to convey to its’ visitors. Other than having fun, Seaworld wishes to educate you about the beauty of the ocean so you will take thought into protecting the oceans and the beautiful creatures within.

 Sea World Music Playlist

Sea World Music Playlist:

    • Will You Be There by Michael Jackson- Free Willy Soundtrack.
    • Under the Sea- Disney’s LIttle Mermaid
    • Octopus’s Garden- The Beatles
    • Yellow Submarine- The Beatles
    • Whale of a Tale- Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
    • In the Belly of a Whale- Veggie Tales Jonah
    • Kokomo- The Beach Boys
    • Ocean Avenue- Yellowcard
    •  Soak Up The Sun-Sheryl Crow
    • Pirates who don’t do Anything by Reliant K.
    • I am a Little Yellow Fish

  • The Tide is High -Blondie
  • Disney’s Ocean (Wonderful) by Gary Go
  • Disney’s Ocean (Make a Wave) Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas
  • Big Yellow Taxi- Amy Grant

Thank you for sharing!