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Trail’s End Buffet Restuarant Review

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Trail’s End is a western-themed barbecue table service restaurant located at the Campgrounds at Fort Wilderness. In this Trail’s End review I will share my favorite dishes, the service, and overall atmosphere of this restaurant at Disney World.

Trails End Review

I visited Trail’s End several years ago during the Christmas season and the menu was a Christmas menu so I have been dying to get back to this place to see the everyday fare.


Trail’s End Restaurant Review

How to Get to Trails End

You can get to the Campgrounds at Fort Wilderness and Trails End very easily. From the Magic Kingdom just take the boat it takes you directly to where you need to be.

If you are driving, the campgrounds are located in the Magic Kingdom Resort area. You will be parking near the lobby/check-in area and then get on the internal bus system that will take you to the area that Trails End is located. It is such a pretty bus ride and you may even see a few animals along the way. We saw quite a few deer.

Trails End is a great choice if you are making last minute reservations because there are usually reservations available same day. It’s a great place to dine so I am not sure why it is not more popular.

If you are looking for a dinner show, the Hoop Dee Doo Revue is right next door.

Trails End Atmosphere and Decor

After checking in you wait outside. The outside reminds me of a Cracker Barrel because there are comfy rocking chairs outside on the porch.

If you have little ones there is a playground nearby to play at while you wait to be called. Unlike some restaurants, Trails End does not use a cell phone to alert you your table is ready so at least one person from your party would have to stay nearby while the others go to the playground.

Trails End decor

The decor is western themed and there is even a wood burning stove you see from the entrance. Drink glasses are mason jars and plates are metal just like if were camping out. The decor gives off a western vibe and is very cozy. I wouldn’t recommend this place if you are looking for something romantic as the tables are pretty close together.

Plate at trails end with food on it

Trails End Menu

Trails End is a meat lovers dream buffet. The star of the buffet is the meat selection. Choices include fried chicken, barbecue ribs, brisket, sliced pork, and bratwurst.

Baked and Fried Chicken at Trails End
Baked and Fried Chicken at Trails End
Fish, Bratwurst, and ribs at Trails End

I love barbecue ribs and while these are very well cooked, they fall off the bone, I thought they were overly sweet with very little heat. The brisket was my favorite, so tender and flavorful. It just melts in your mouth.

The chicken seemed to be like most chicken at Disney buffets so nothing special there. It is still tasty though.

Sides include baked beans, macaroni & cheese, mashed potatoes, pizza, shrimp cocktail, a variety of salads, and a few different bread options including a tasty cornbread. Most Disney buffet macaroni and cheese seems prepackaged. the mac & cheese here seemed to be homemade and it was so good.

The cornbread is a drier cornbread and there are a couple flavored butters to try with it.

Trails End Desserts

Stand Disney buffets dessert offerings were available: cookies, tarts, and cupcakes but the stars were the cobbler and the S’mores Dessert.

Bread Pudding and Fruit Cobbler at Trails End
Bread Pudding and Fruit Cobbler
‘Smores Dessert

How Much is Trails End?

$35 to $59.99 per adult before tax and gratuities. Range is based on seasonal pricing. Typically you will pay around $37 unless it is during the holidays. $19 for children.

Is the Disney Dining Plan accepted? How many credits?

Yes, 1 Table Service Credit

Are drinks included in Disney buffets?

All non-alcoholic drinks are included in the price at Disney Buffets. You can even switch what you are drinking. For breakfast meals, I tend to do one glass of milk and one glass of juice.  

I really enjoyed my meal at Trails End. This place is perfect if you are paying out of pocket because of the low price point. I can’t wait to go back.

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