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Top 5 Running Tips for Beginners

Thank you for sharing!

This is a guest post from my friend, Lisa, who is prepping for the Color Run. Her are her Top 5 Running Tips for beginners!



I am getting ready for The Color Run! Here are my top tips when training for a race.

  • You need to dress for running. Get yourself a good pair of running shorts. I have a few pairs that I bought because they were labeled running shorts so I thought they would be good. I was wrong! So the next time I went to get some shorts I tried them on and I probably sounded crazy but I ran in place and did some squats in the dressing room. I love the pair I got! I did have to try on quite A few but it was worth it.
  • Shoes are very important! I have tried Nike,Adidas,and Reebok. I have liked them but they don’t even compare to the Brooks Ghosts that I have now. I LOVE them!! They are by far the best running shoes I have gotten and will be getting another pair!!
  • Be Safe! If your running outside make sure it is day time. Look for a safe place to run like a park running trail. You should run with a running buddy. It’ll make running more enjoyable. I don’t recommend running with headphones, you need to be aware of what is around you. Cars, people, and dogs.
  • If you Train Indoors: If you are on a treadmill you will want to put it on a slight incline to make it more realistic.
  • You should run for YOU!  The only person you need to beat is yourself the day before. It doesn’t matter if you can only run for 5 minute or 5 miles as long as you are doing your best and pushing yourself to the limit each run. There are many apps that you can use I like Run Keeper (it is a free app too!). You can set it to talk to you at different points of the mile. It will tell you your pace and distance.

If you live in the Tampa Bay area you should sign up for the Color Run here! If you enter coupon code: COLOR5OFF you will save $5!! If you’re not in the area check out the color run site for a city near you. They have visited over 50 cities in the last year. Also if you enter   COLOR5OFF it will save you five dollars in any city. Come out and run with me!!

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Thank you for sharing!

Robin Rue

Friday 13th of December 2013

Awesome tips. I run, but I hate it.

They had the color run here over the summer, but I don't like getting dirty like that, so I skipped it. A bunch of my friends did it, though.