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U-Pick Farm Tips | Hunsader Farms In Brandenton, FL

Thank you for sharing!

Produce is one of my top two expenses when it comes to buying groceries, meat being the second. Eating healthy can be expensive if you don’t know how to get your food frugally. One way I help lower my food cost is to go to U-Pick Farms. The produce is much cheaper because you are doing the work of gathering, transporting, and packaging. I want to share with you my top U-Pick Farm tips! U-Pick Farm


U-Pick Farm Tips

Carpool. Since many farms are not super close to people. Get a group of people together to go. Every Memorial Day weekend my husband and his friends go to a local farm and pick tomatoes for canning. They go to Hunsader Farms in Bradenton, FL. They all travel together to save on gas.

Collect Free Buckets. My husband got buckets from Wendy’s. You can usually get buckets for free from many local restaurants and many store bakeries will give them to you as well.

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Stay Cool and Hydrated. Bring water bottles and try to go early in the morning to avoid a lot of the heat of the day.

Have a plan. After you get the produce, have a time and plan set up on what you are going to do with it. Canning and freezing take time and without you carving that time out you could waste all your precious, frugal produce.

Here are some pics from my husband’s haul!

The garlic was $1 each.  The green beans were $1.49/lb. We are going to be freezing the green beans.peppers

You pick your own tomatoes and pay just $5 for 25 lbs or up to a 5 gallon bucket.  We are planning on canning pasta sauce and homemade salsa (recipes and canning process coming soon)! I always impressed with how much my husband grabs!



So, how about you? Do you go to U-pick farms? What is your favorite thing to pick?


Thank you for sharing!

Jennifer Clay

Monday 27th of May 2013

I have never been to a place like this but it looks like you can get some really good looking vegetables!

Angela Addington

Monday 27th of May 2013

My daughter and I absolutely love u-pick farms. We are also avid Farmer's Market attendees.