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Money-Saving Tips for Planning a Perfect Picnic

Thank you for sharing!

In the past I would spend way too much on going on a picnic. I would try to have the perfect romantic picnic with all the trimmings. I am a planner and when you over plan you over spend. I am not like that anymore. Here are some money-saving tips for planning a perfect picnic.

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Money-Saving Tips for Planning a Perfect Picnic

The weather has been beautiful here in Florida. I love spring time here in Florida because the weather is not super hot yet and the outdoors can be enjoyed. It is the best time for me to plan a picnic without spending too much money!

Pan Ahead. Make a checklist of everything you are bringing to the picnic. Include food, dishes, things needed for activities, and a first aid kit. I have created a 2 free planner pages that you can print out and make sure you have everything you need.

Keep it Simple. A three course meal is not always needed. A picnic is eating outside. You can eat cheese and  crackers outside in your back yard and call it a picnic. Stay off Pinterest when planning a frugal picnic.

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Use Reusable Dishes. Though is might be more convenient to just throw away plates and plastic silverware and paper plates. The environment and the your checkbook will thank you in the long run for choosing reusable dishes and silverware. If you are doing a romantic picnic, I think regular dishes make a prettier picnic anyways.

Research Park Fees. Some parks cost, some don’t. My husband and I have found some really wonderful parks a little bit outside of our area because they don’t charge parking.

Drink Water. Instead of drinking soda, store bought tea, or juice. Bring water from your house. Recycle a gallon jug and fill it up with your water. I also freeze a jug. I freeze a second jug to use as less messy version of bagged ice and once melted it gives you more water.

Use the tables at the park. If the park you are going to has tables use those. Bring a damp rag in a grocery bag so you can clean off the table.

Use an old blanket. If the park/beach does not have picnic tables use an old blanket you may have. Don’t have an old blanket? Pick one up at a thrift store.

Use what you have for transporting food. If you have a pretty Picnic Basket, use it. I don’t. I use fabric grocery bags I have for non-perishable items and an old cooler for perishables. Might not look pretty but I am not looking to impress anybody, I am having a picnic with my family or friends.

Let nature be your recreation. Take a hike, a swim, look for nature’s treasures (rocks, shells, etc.).

What are some other tips to keep your picnic frugal that you do?

Money-Saving Tips for Planning a Perfect Picnic



Thank you for sharing!


Sunday 28th of June 2015

We love picnics around here and I love being frugal! Needless to say, this post is right up my ally! Thank you for posting!!

Miranda @ Miranda Writes Blog

Friday 26th of June 2015

I love the first tip the most! Keeping it simple is always best!

Linda Hunter

Friday 1st of May 2015

Excellent post. Though it's just good old common sense, not all of us have that. Thanks.