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The Sword in the Stone Trivia

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Welcome to the Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia Blog Hop hosted by Jodi over at the Magical Mouse School House!

My husband and I are still plugging our way of all the Disney classics in order. We have gotten to The Sword in the Stone. I had never seen it before and I really, really liked it. I wish more people would watch this movie. It offers so much wisdom and has great morals! This is a great movie for the boys. You will not find a princess  in this movie or many girls at all. The only girls in the movie is a girl squirrel.  I did find the scene with the  girl squirrel very funny, and wanted to cry when Wart turned back into a boy.

the sword in the stone

Here is some fun trivia from the IMDb website:

  • The only animated Disney movie from the 1960s not to have a Platinum DVD, a sequel, a TV show, or a live-action remake.
  • The climactic battle between Merlin and Mad Madam Mim is often cited by animation experts as some of the best character animation to that date. The characters go through numerous physical transformations during battle, yet retain their identifying features; Merlin’s guises are blue and include his glasses and facial hair, while Mim’s are pink and purple and have her messy hair.
  • In the scenes where it is raining outside Merlin’s room at Sir Ector’s castle, whenever Merlin steps in front of the window you can see the matte used to superimpose the live-action rain silhouetted over him.

Thank you for sharing!

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