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Disney’s Peter Pan Trivia

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Disney’s Peter Pan teaches us to never grow up! The story of Peter who never grows old and takes three children on adventures in Never Land is such a classic Disney movie. Grab some pixie dust and let’s go to Never Land with me as we discover some Peter Pan trivia and fun facts about this Disney classic!

Disney's Peter Pan Trivia

Confession time, until this time (my project of watching all Disney animated movies in order) I had never seen the whole movie of Peter Pan.  I don’t remember watching it as a child and when I was teaching I was always watching kids, not the movie. I love this movie. My favorite characters are Tinkerbell and Tick-Tock!  I had picked up a Tick-Tock pin while trading and thought it was cute! Now, I am super sad because that was one of the pins that were in my pin book when it got stolen a couple of months ago at Downtown Disney. Every time Tick-Tock appeared, my husband and I laughed and smiled like we were kids again. I think Disney movies have that effect on us anyways.

Disney’s Peter Pan Fun Facts

The movie is based on the play written by J.M. Barrie in 1904.

Walt Disney had a Long History Loving the Story of Peter Pan

When Walt Disney was a young man he saw a Peter Pan Production starring Maude Adams He later played Peter Pan in a school production. While he loved the story of Peter Pan, sadly it is said that he really didn’t really care for the one the Disney animators and writers created. He believed that the Peter Pan they had created was cold and unlikable.

Who was Tinker Bell?

Persistent rumors have incorrectly named Marilyn Monroe as the inspiration for the feisty fairy. In fact, it was 22-year-old Margaret Kerry (who measured 35-25-36, and provides the voice of the red-haired mermaid) who was the real-life model for Tinker Bell.

In the original play by J.M. Barrie, Tinker Bell could only ever experience one emotion, so she expressed anger at virtually everything. She was not a very likable character in the original story, whereas thanks to Disney she became a loveable icon of not only the film but Walt Disney Studios in general.

Which Hand Does Hook Lose?

Everyone knows Disney usually changes a few things when adapting a fairytale or story to the big screen. Usually, the change is to make the movie more kid-friendly. In the original play, Hook loses his right hand, but the Disney artists felt that would limit his actions too much, and switched the hook to the left hand. I wonder if the artists were all right-handed since usually, left-handed people can do anything right-handed people can do.

Hook from Peter Pan

Disney’s Peter Pan was the Final Movie that all 9 Members of Disney’s Nine Old Men worked on.

This film marked two “lasts” for Disney: first, it was the final Disney film in which all nine members of the Nine Old Men worked together on it as directing animators; second, it was the last full-length Disney animated film distributed by RKO Radio Pictures. All of Disney’s films after early 1954 would be distributed by Buena Vista, as well as all of the post-1954 re-releases of his earlier films.

Is there a Goofy Holler in Peter Pan?

Yes, there is! Heard during Captain Hook’s fight with the crocodile inside the cave at Skull Rock, when Smee accidentally hits Hook on the head with his rowboat oar. The “Goofy holler” is partially obscured by gargling noises as Hook goes underwater after taking the hit.

Do You Hear a Familiar Voice?

One thing I have learned about Disney while watching their movies in order is that Disney reuses a lot of their talent. Wendy Darling was voiced by Kathryn Beaumont. Beaumont also played the title role in Alice in Wonderland, which came out two years before Peter Pan.

Peter Pan Faced Criticism about the Depiction of Indians

Disney attracted negative comments for their stereotypical depiction of Indians, as did J.M. Barrie with his original play. It’s probably for that very reason that the Indians do not appear in the 2002 sequel, Return to Never Land. Peter Pan is one of the titles that is no longer be available to stream on Disney+ profiles that are specifically set up for children.

Are there Disney Park Attractions Featuring Peter Pan?

There are now Peter Pan-themed attractions in 5 Disney theme parks around the world. The original version opened with Disneyland in 1955. There is also one in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, one in Disneyland Paris, one in Tokyo Disneyland, and one in Shanghai Disneyland. The ride is very popular, the wait times end up being over 60 minutes almost first thing in the morning.

Are there Hidden Mickey’s in Disney’s Animated Peter Pan?

I love finding Hidden Mickeys at the Disney parks and in the movies. There are supposedly 2 in the movie. Peter Pan’s hideout, the Hangman’s Tree, features a proportioned Hidden Mickey near the base of the trunk. In front of the Darling’s London house, a cluster of trees forms a Hidden Mickey. Personally, I think the Darling house trees forming a HIdden Mickey is a stretch. What is your opinion?

Have you watched Disney’s original animated Peter Pan? Who is your favorite character? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for sharing!

Kimberly @ Frontierland Station

Thursday 6th of June 2013

I did not realize this was the last film all of the Nine Old Men worked on. Thanks for sharing!

Disney Babies Jenn

Wednesday 5th of June 2013

I LOVE Peter Pan - but I've always been curious how it's still acceptable and Song of the South is completely banned! I've also heard that the WDW vs. Disneyland attractions have the hook on different hands! Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth Carr

Wednesday 5th of June 2013

Wow, never new this about Peter Pan. My husband was watching the Discovery channel yesterday about how Disney World and Disney Land were built. It was very cool to see.

Jennifer @ Money Aches

Tuesday 4th of June 2013

I haven't watched the cartoon in a while but I do enjoy it. Does anyone else wonder why it would matter that it would have been his right hand cut off? What if he was left handed? Thanks for sharing.

Melinda Dunne

Tuesday 4th of June 2013

I love the the Tuesday Trivia! I have seen Peter Pan several times but I didn't know they switched which hand Hook lost.