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Lady & The Tramp Trivia

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My husband and I have made it to #15 in our quest to watch all the Disney animated films in order. Number 15 is The Lady & The Tramp. I like this movie, though it is not one of my favorites. It was cute watching this with my dogs. In one of the early scenes where Lady the puppy is crying my dog “watched” the TV and cocked his head to one side. He also did this in the pound scene where all the dogs are crying. He started barking along with them.

Lady & The Tramp

Here are some random bits of trivia courtesy the IMDb

  • In early script versions, Tramp was first called Homer, then Rags and Bozo. A 1940 script introduced the twin Siamese cats. Eventually known as Si and Am, they were then named Nip and Tuck.
  • The film’s setting was partly inspired by Walt Disney‘s boyhood hometown of Marceline, Missouri.
  • The Beaver character was effectively recycled as the Gopher in Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree, right down to his whistling speech pattern. This voice was originally created by Stan Freberg who had a background in comedy voices. The demands of voicing the character proved too much, however, so Freberg eventually resorted to using a real whistle to capture the whistling effect.

Thank you for sharing!

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