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Aristocats Movie Trivia | 7 Surprising Facts about Disney’s Aristocats

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My husband and I are still watching all the Disney animated classics in order. It is really neat to notice the progression of technology and how each movie portrays the decade it was made in even if the story takes place in a different time. We are up to the Aristocats. It was not my husband’s favorite movie, but it is one I like. I had only seen bits and pieces before this and hadn’t really watched it all. Here is my favorite Aristocats Movie Trivia!

Aristocats Movie Trivia

Aristocats is about a wealthy woman who wants to leave her fortune to her cats. The butler hears about this and attempts to get rid of the cats. The movie has a great storyline, awesome music, and adorable characters.

I am sad that there are little to no references to the Aristocats at Walt Disney World in Florida.

 1. This is the last animated feature to be approved by Walt Disney and the studio’s first animated feature to be completed after his death.

2. The Aristocats was inspired by the true story of a Parisian family of cats, circa 1910, that inherited a fabulous fortune.

Aristocats Movie Trivia

3. Originally there was meant to be a direct-to-video sequel titled Aristocats II. It was intended for a 2007 release, but production was canceled back in 2006 after John Lasseter became CEO of both Disney and Pixar.

4. Eva Gabor and Phil Harris (the Respective Voices of Duchess and O’Malley) later both passed away in the same year, only a month and a week apart in 1995.

5. There was supposed to be a fourth kitten named Waterloo.

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6. Robert and Richard Sherman wrote the title song for the film during their last year of their eight-year tenure working for Walt Disney Productions.

7. Aristocats is considered a box office success because of the profit made.  Overall, The Aristocats made over $55 million on a budget of $4 million.

Some trivia sourced from Disney Wikia.

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