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Melody Time & Make Mine Music Trivia

Thank you for sharing!

This week my husband and I were able to watch two more Disney animated classics in our quest to watch them all in order from the beginning.

This week we watched Make Mine Music and Melody Time.  We honestly did not care to much for these two movies. Though in our opinion Melody Times is better than Make Mine Music. The jazz piece in Make Mine Music was fun and all the rest of the songs, though beautifully animated, failed to capture our interest much. Melody Time was better and I liked most of it. I do not know why they brought back part of the Three Carberallos. I like Little Toot and was happy to see that there are some really cute trading pins out there for him. I also liked how the Johnny Appleseed Legend was told as it focused on his faith in God.

Here is some trivia for the two movies from Imbd!

Make Mine Music Trivia: (1946)

  • In the “Casey at the Bat” segment, a sign on the stadium wall announces that the Mudville 9 are playing Burbank in the fateful game, a reference to the location of the Walt Disney studio.
  • In “The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met”, all of the operatic vocals – bass up through soprano, and even the chorus – were sung by Nelson Eddy.
  • One of Disney’s four “Package Films”. During the Second World War, the studio lost a lot of manpower and resources which left them with countless unfinished ideas too long for shorts, too short for features. So, inventive as they are, they stuck short ideas together into feature length movies. The other three were The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, Melody Time and Fun & Fancy Free.

Melody Time Trivia: (1948)

  • Because of the controversy about smoking, the “Pecos Bill” segment was heavily edited for release to DVD. In the original film Bill is seen smoking a cigarette in several sequences. The cigarette was edited out in each case, resulting in the removal of almost the entire tornado sequence and some odd hand and mouth movements for Bill throughout.
  • During the making of this movie, when composer Ken Darby presented the music for the “Johnny Appleseed” segment to Walt Disney, Walt scorned the music, as sounding “like New Deal music,” to which an enraged Darby shouted back, “THAT is just a cross-section of one man’s opinion!” Darby would not be at the studio much longer after that.

Thank you for sharing!

Kimberly @ Frontierland Station

Tuesday 2nd of April 2013

I did not know any of this trivia. Thanks for sharing! I love learning new Disney trivia!

Jodi Whisenhunt

Tuesday 2nd of April 2013

Very interesting! I've never seen (or heard of) either of those golden oldies. Will have to check them out sometime. Thanks for the reviews & trivia, and thanks for linking up this week!