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101 Dalmatians Trivia (1961)

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My husband and I are continuing our quest to watch all the Disney Classic animated movies in order. We are up to 101 Dalmatians. It is one of my favorite doggie themed movies, right after Lady & The Tramp.

101 Dalmatians Watching TV Scene

101 Dalmatians Fun Facts

  • Someone counted all black spots in the movie, frame-by-frame, and reached a total of 6,469,952.
  • When the Baduns are talking on the phone to Cruella, they are holding a newspaper. The only headline on the front page (apart from the dognapping) is CARLSEN SPEAKS, and a picture of a capsized ship. This helps us to date the story since the Carlsen in question is Henrik Kurt Carlsen, captain of the freighter Flying Enterprise, which sank after a prolonged struggle in the Atlantic. This was the media event of the year in 1952.
  • HIDDEN MICKEYS: on almost all the Dalmatians.
  • Clarence Nash (best known as the voice of Donald Duck) did the dog barks for this film.
  • 800 gallons of paint were used in producing the animation cells and backgrounds – that’s enough to cover 15 football fields.

Thank you for sharing!

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