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Frozen Movie Trivia

Thank you for sharing!

I went to Epcot Sunday and got to meet the ladies from Frozen. They are located in Norway. I had such a blast with them. I asked Elsa about Olaf’s nose. She said he loses it quite a bit. Sometimes Sven eats it too! They have tried other replacements such as apples or chocolate, but Olaf eats those. He gets a new nose about every day or so. Since I had such a fun time with them, I decided I wanted to know some movie trivia.

  • A live reindeer was brought into the animating studio for animators to study its movements and mannerisms for the reindeer character, Sven.
  • The original Danish fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, on which this film is based, is a personal favorite work of Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark Margrethe II.
  • Visiting Norway was obviously essential in coming up with the design aesthetic for Frozen in terms of color, light, and atmosphere. According to Giaimo, there were three important takeaways from the research trip in making Frozen unique to the Disney canon: the fjords, which are the massive vertical rock formations, and serve as the setting for the secluded Arendelle kingdom; the medieval stave churches, whose rustic triangular rooflines and shingles inspired the castle compound; and the rosemaling folk art, whose distinctive paneling and grid patterns informed the architecture, decor, and costumes (the most elaborate in Disney history, designed by Brittney Lee).

Thank you for sharing!

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Jodi / MagicalMouseSchoolhouse

Tuesday 5th of November 2013

I cannot wait to see this! It looks beautiful and brilliant and funny and heart-warming all at the same time!

Heidi Strawser

Tuesday 5th of November 2013

How interesting! I'm looking forward to meeting these girls.