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Tiggeriffic Trivia- Midnight Madness

Thank you for sharing!

Welcome to another Tiggeriffic Trivia Tuesday! My husband and I are still plugging away on our quest to watch all the non-animated Disney movies. We have watched almost all of the non-animated movies of the 70’s and are now venturing into the 80’s. Unlike the animated movies we are not watching these in order. We still have several to watch from earlier decades. Our latest movie find is called Midnight Madness. It is from 1980 (the year I was born).  It was a good movie. I found it quite funny. You should put this movie on your Disney must-watch list if you haven’t already.  It is about a college scavenger hunt with teams representing the common stereotypes: jocks, nerds, etc.

Here is some fun trivia about Midnight Madness:

  • Micheal J. Fox is in it, but is only listed as Micheal Fox. It took me a little while to figure it out. He is pretty young in the movie.
  • All teams in the movie, aside from the red team, has one of its players wearing a pair of All-Star Converse.
  • Disney released this film, its second to be rated “PG” by the MPAA (the first being The Black Hole (1979)), without any mention of its involvement, in hopes that teenage audiences might be more likely to see it if they didn’t know that it was a Disney picture. (However, the cover art of the DVD release of the film in 2004 credits the film to Walt Disney Pictures.) – Thanks IMDB

Have you ever seen this movie? midnight madness

Thank you for sharing!

Timothy Manganaro

Tuesday 7th of October 2014

Wow! Really cool quest to watch all the Disney movies. I might have to try to get this movie from a library. It would be fun to see MJF as a young kid.

Heidi Strawser

Wednesday 10th of September 2014

What a fun quest you and your hubby are on! I've never even heard of this movie, and I was 10 in 1980 (dating myself!) Thanks for linking up this week!