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Tiggeriffic Trivia- Brother Bear

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Brother Bear is one of my favorite Disney movies. It doesn’t get talked about much because it is not super popular. The story is very good and I love the soundtrack.

Here are some trivia facts from IMDb:

  •  The third and final film to be fully produced at Disney’s Orlando, Florida animation facility at the Walt Disney World Disney-MGM Theme Park (after Mulan (1998) and Lilo & Stitch(2002)). This studio was shut down in March 2004 in favor of computer animated features.
  • Several of the bears in the salmon run strongly resemble The Country Bears from the eponymous movie.
  • The cliff where Kenai kills Koda’s mother then changes into a bear is shaped like a bear’s head.
  • An idea to do an animated television series spin-off for the Rutt and Tuke characters was eventually scrapped by Disney.

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