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Disney Vacation Over? Try These Things To Do After a Disney Vacation

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You just spent a wonderful time at the most magical place on Earth, now what? There are lots of things to do once your vacation has ended. You just spent a big chunk of money on your vacation, don’t let that time special time just be a distant memory and pictures trapped on Facebook. Here are some of my favorite things to do after a Disney vacation.

Crafty Things To Do After a Disney Vacation

Scrapbook Your Pictures

Things To Do After a Disney Vacation

Did you get some awesome family pictures during your vacation? Don’t let them just become Facebook memories! Whether you paper scrapbook or digital scrapbook, get busy taking your vacation photos and printing them out. Disney sells wonderful scrapbooks but you can also find them on Amazon, Hobby Lobby, and most other craft stores.

For building a digital scrapbook. I recommend the Custom Photo Books at Mixbook, they have lots of Disney inspired “stickers” and backgrounds.

Make a Memory Box

Other than pictures you may have picked up several other items that you just had to have! Make a cute box and put all your items that aren’t quite displayable souvenirs and won’t fit in a scrapbook in it. Things like “I’m Celebrating” buttons, your Magic Band, etc. Kids can help decorate the box.

Make Coasters or Ornaments from Park Maps

I know I grab park maps quite often, even though I am a local. You can add them to your scrapbooks but you can also make some cute crafts with them. They become pieces of history too as the parks are always changing.

Take Your Favorite Family Disney Icon Picture and Get a Large Canvas Print

If you have a gorgeous castle shot or another picture that really stands out, splurge and get a canvas print. You can usually find a great coupon code and get one at a reasonable price. I personally love Canvas People! They are the most budget-friendly.

Make a Video Slideshow for Personal Use or Post It on YouTube

If you can’t afford to make a scrapbook, make a simple slideshow and transfer to a DVD that you have forever. You can also post it to YouTube to share with family and friends.

Foodie Things To Do After a Disney Vacation

Recreate Recipes You Loved

Did you fall in love with Dole Whips? Love eating the breakfast lasagna at the Crystal Palace? Try recreating your favorite Disney meals and snacks at home. Check out my Pinterest Disney Food Board for lots of recipes!

Create Your Own Disney Inspired Recipe

One thing I like about Disney is that put so many foods in a Mickey Mouse shape, you can do the same. See what normal food you can transform into something Disney-inspired.

The Best Things to Do After a Disney Vacation

Plan Your Next Disney Vacation

Hopefully, you really loved your Disney vacation and are ready to go on another Disney adventure whether it is back to Walt Disney World or a Disney Cruise. Pixie Dust Savings has partnered up with Favorite Grampy Travels to help you plan your next vacation. Get a free, no obligation quote today!

Share Your Disney Tips

Join some Disney Facebook groups, including Pixie Dusted Disney Fans, and help answer people’s questions. Everyone has a different experience and your experience will help others.

If you want to go further, start a Disney blog! I write this blog to share my experiences and want to encourage people by doing Disney on a budget or by showing my adventures as a plus-size princess. Your situation will be different than mine and someone will want to know how you did Disney differently!

Keep the Disney Magic Alive by Having Disney Family Movie Nights

A lot of people experience Post-Disney Depression. planning out fun, Disney movie nights are a great way to get rid of the post-Disney blues. Looking for some movie suggestions, I have a few Disney movie lists you should check out!

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Sunday 1st of October 2017

Love this! We just had our first ever Disneyworld vacation and it was totally dreamy! I really love the idea of using the maps in crafty ways! Thanks for reading my mind! :) Kelly :) in Texas