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The Shelter | A Tropical Tale Benefitting Brevard County, Florida

Thank you for sharing!

Since I live here in Florida, I have a special interest in films that have a presence here. I have the pleasure of knowing Koura Shipton, who is an award winning movie director.  She is involved in a wonderful movie that is not only taking place in here in Florida but is also benefitting a local beach! Caroline Street Productions introduces the movie “The Shelter”. The Shelter promises to be a great movie, but needs funding. I have never shared anything like this with my readers before so you know that I am genuine when I say I believe in this project and I hope you will join me in helping bring this movie to life.

The Shelter

About the Shelter

“The Shelter,” is a game changer for Central Florida.  This Brevard County-based feature film storm is picking up speed on Florida’s Space Coast with amazing forces including an award-winning female production team at the core, an amazing cast & crew already attached to the project, and key environmental and sociopolitical messages which surround the eye of this storm: a multi-award winning tropical tale about freedom, family, and that other thing, bringing multigenerational life and humor to the screen with a Florida heartbeat that will add to the treasure of our amazing state. (source)

How You Can Help

Right now the filmmaker’s goal is to raise funds to get a portion of the film made which can also serve as a proof of concept, and help get the rest of the funds for the project, and assist with officially attaching name actors to the film.

Click Here to Help

Join us to make a change for film, for women, for Florida, and for our environment!  Plus, not only will you get some great perks, and help us launch our film, but a percentage of funds we raise (up to $5,000 when we make our goal!) will go to Keep Brevard Beautiful because we want this to benefit to more than just the film itself!

I am excited to see this movie come to life. Stay tuned to Pixie Dust Savings for future updates about The Shelter and please consider donating (if you can) and sharing their movie to get the word out!

Thank you for sharing!

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