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The Making of a Walt Disney Classic: Beauty and The Beast Book Review

Thank you for sharing!

I found this book at a yard sale for just 50¢! I try to the best of my ability to never pay retail, even for my Disneyana collection. It actually sat on my bookshelf for a rather long time before I picked it up. When I  started reading this book, I could not put in down. Disney puts so much work and detail into every production- Beauty and the Beast is no exception to that rule!

The first thing I did when I started reading was look at all the pictures. The pictures are gorgeous! All of my favorite scenes are pictured in the book and also the pictures of the artists behind the artwork. The pictures range from storyboard sketches to the completed version you see in the movie.

The book takes you step by step through how the movie was made. Part one starts off by sharing how the original Beauty and the Beast inspired the Disney version.  The writer of the script, Linda, actually read all the previous versions of the story and then discarded them (pg. 25). She wanted a fresh version that would engage the kids of the nineties. In my opinion she did an excellent job. I was a teen of the nineties and loved this movie and, of course, it continued on to be a classic.

Another part of the book I thought was rather interesting was the “evolution” so to speak of the beast. Have you ever wondered what type of animal/animals the beast is? Well, this book has the answer! The book does use a lot of technical verbiage that I didn’t quite understand. A glossary of terms is located in the back,so I found myself constantly having to look in the back to read the definition of one of the movie making terms.

Another favorite part of the book for me was the story of Angela Lansbury and her role as Mrs. Potts. She was pretty scared to sing Beauty and the Beast. I loved “hearing” that story!

Book Info

Book Genre and Ages: Teens to adult (though kids would like looking through the pictures)

Release Date: 1991

Page Numbers: 88

Author: Bob Thomas

Thank you for sharing!