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The Best Disney Christmas Books Ever

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There is something magical about reading Disney Christmas books during the holiday season. Reading is a wonderful way to spend your time anyway, then you add the characters from Disney and it’s next level excitement. Whether you are reading for your own enjoyment or are spending time reading to a child, it’s going to be a great time.

All of these Christmas books teach your kids about the holidays, the spirit of giving and the deeper meaning of what Christmas really is. There will be a lot of laughs along the way too.

Disney Travel Tip: If you are going to Disney during the holiday season, have them sign a Disney Christmas book instead of a regular autograph book. I have done it and the characters really like their Christmas stories!

Disney Christmas Countdown Idea. Take 25 Disney Christmas Books and wrap up each one individually (even ones you already own) and unwrap one each day of December to read together as a family.

Want to watch some great Disney Christmas Movies? Check out my Ultimate Disney Christmas Movies List.

ariel reacting to a Disney Christmas story
During a visit at Christmas time I brought along my Disney Christmas Story Book, she was upset that she was sad in part of her story.

The Best Disney Christmas Books Ever

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The Best Disney Christmas Books

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