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Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids | Disney Inspired and More!

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Get the kids away from the electronics this Thanksgiving season with these crafts that they will love to make! My teaching days taught me that overly complicated crafts and those in which kids have a hard time using their own form of creativity lead kids to not be crafty. These Thanksgiving crafts for kids are simple but provide enough personal expression.

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

The crafts are separated by the following categories: Thankfulness Crafts, Disney inspired Crafts, Turkey Crafts, and general Fall Crafts. Many of these use very inexpensive materials that you may already own. Join the fun, no one said paper and simple crafts are just for kids!

Thanksgiving Thankfulness Crafts

Disney Style Thanksgiving Craft: Disney Thanks Jar – I love this idea of combining your love of Disney and Thankfulness. I know i am super blessed to be able to go to Disney all the time like I do, God is good!!


Paint Chip Turkey Thankfulness Craft – What a frugal and cute craft to have hanging around the home to display thankfulness! 


Thankfulness Chain– This is such an easy and fun way for kids to show what they are thankful for. 

Thankfulness Tree– Another neat why to show the true meaning of Thanksgiving Day!


Gratitude Cootie Catcher– This printable from Bren Did is really neat because it encourages conversation.


Disney Themed Thanksgiving Crafts


Mickey and Friends Thanksgiving Charms – Show off your Disney style with cute, DIY bracelet! 

Mickey Mouse Thanksgiving Pilgrim Candy Box

Belle’s Thanksgiving Crown


Find more Disney Themed Crafts at the Family Disney Website!

Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts

Milk Bottle Turkeys– This is a great Dollar Tree craft, you could also use old Glass Bottles.


Turkey Finger Puppet– This cute craft will keep kids occupied as they think up plays for their turkey!

Pom Pom Turkey Craft– This is such a cute craft!


Juice Box Turkey Craft– These would be super cute for the kids to make for the kid’s table for Thanksgiving dinner!


Button Up Turkey– This Turkey becomes a toy that helps toddlers learn button skills!


Family Turkey Craft– This craft makes a memorable family picture, love this!


Thanksgiving Fall Crafts


Happy Fall DIY Painting (Abstract Art)- I love this beautiful painting that is super fun and simple for the kids to do! 

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

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