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Disney's Incredibles

Disney Incredibles Inspired Cupcakes

Incredibles 2 is a long-awaited sequel that is introducing a whole new generation to the lovable and daring Incredibles family. These awesome looking Disney Incredibles Inspired Cupcakes are a perfect hit for a family movie night, date night, or Incredibles party!  Incredibles Inspired Cupcake Recipe This recipe calls for a cake mix to make the …

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Incredibles 2 Trailer and First Images

The wait is almost over! The Incredibles 2 comes out this year. In the first Incredibles movie, Mr. Incredible saved the day and Mrs. Incredible stayed home until she helped him defeat the villain. Looks like Pixar is switching it up in this next chapter in the Incredibles by having Mr. Incredible stay home with …

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Wordless Wednesday- Letters X,Y,Z

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday hosted by Focused on the Magic! Click on the above camera to see even more great Disney pictures from around the blogosphere! This week was a bit hard, but I finally found something I liked. During the Incredible’s dance party in Tomorrowland Terrance, the song What makes YOU Beautiful came on …

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Disney’s Incredible’s Date Night

One of my husband’s favorite movies is Disney/Pixar’s Incredibles. Pixar did a great job of taking superheroes and showing that they can live normal lives just like us. This Incredible’s Date night includes a fun themed menu and other activities you can include in your date night or family movie night. Disney’s Incredible’s Date Night Disney …

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