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Star Wars IV- My First Time

Thank you for sharing!

Since Disney bought Lucas Films and my husband is geeky.I decided it was finally time to see these movies. My husband said he would show them to me in order of release.

The concept of the movie was easy for me to understand as it was not a complicated plot. It was the whole good guy vs. bad guy thing.

My least favorite character was Han. He seemed too cocky for me and I don’t like how he was so quick to be rude.

My favorite character was C-3PO. He was kind and funny. I kind of liked the Wookie too. 

Overall my rating is 3 out of 5 stars. I actually lost interest towards the end of the movie. I think it is because of the out of date special effects. They felt cheesy to me. My husband said I might like the most recent episodes more. I hope so.

Thank you for sharing!