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Seaworld Spooktacular Review

Thank you for sharing!

The Sea World Spooktacular event takes place every weekend in October. Sea World takes one portion of their park and transforms it into cute areas for kids to enjoy. They give you a map and your follow the path to character greeting, games, animal interactions, crafts, and party fun!


The characters are fun to interact with. I had some pretty funny conversations with quite a few of them.  Since Sea World doesn’t have very many widely known characters other than Shamu I found myself trying to figure out who they were.  Some of the characters put on little shows and invited kids from the audience to participate. Little kids were very entertained!


You could pet, feed, or interact with several varieties of animals they had set up along the path. The animals switched out during the day so you could see different animals on your way back through. The man holding the eagle looks just as tough as our beloved eagle.


The cookie decorating is an extra charge of $5.50.  The cookie is a nice sized cookie and it came with white icing, a container of sprinkles, and a container of Reese Pieces and candy corn candies.  Being a former teacher, I know how we strived at class parties to avoid peanut butter items because peanut allergies are very common. I am surprised Sea World did not consider that. If one doesn’t look closely, they might think the Reese Pieces were M&M’s. A very cute container was also available for $1 to put your cookie in if you didn’t want to eat it right then.

The trick or treating part in my opinion was very lame. They had about 12 stations you could go to and get 1 (ONE) piece of candy at. If you hit the lines at the wrong time, you were waiting awhile for that one piece of candy. If you were considering this a trick or treat event, it doesn’t fit the order.


The craft and party area was pretty cute. They had a couple foam crafts, coloring sheets, and even a couple toys kids could play with. Most kids over the age of eight probably wouldn’t be too excited about it. People were around to help kids if they needed help.

Since I am all ab0ut saving you money, let me go over the value part of this event. 

  • The event is included in your ticket price, which is good. I would not pay extra to get into this event if I had too.
  • If you have kids over the age of eight or no kids at all, then this event may not be right for you. Not much is offered for older kids and teens.
  • If you are expecting this to be an awesome trick or treating event, then you are going to be disappointed. Adults and kids can get candy.
  • Some of the games and experiences cost extra money. Cookie decorating, face painting, games like ring toss all have an extra fee. Personally, when I go to an amusement park, I don’t spend money on games and experiences I can do at the local fair or at home.
  • The souvenir event t-shirts are very reasonably priced at $8 or $10. They are cute and they have a good variety.
  • If you are a passholder, then this is a great event to add to your calendar.

I will be posting more about my overall trip experience in another post, plus I will be discussing the dining options.

Disclosure::  I received free events tickets to this event, regardless all opinions are my own and truthful. 

Thank you for sharing!