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Cleaning on a Budget | Money Saving Tips for Doing Laundry

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Laundry…the never-ending chore. Even with just myself and my husband we got through a lot of laundry. He works two jobs, each requiring a different uniform. I go through fewer clothes because I work from home unless I am dressing Darlin’ at Disney, but still accumulate a lot of laundry. Here are some money saving tips for doing laundry.

Updated 8/25/2018

Saving Tips for Doing Laundry

Money Saving Tips for Doing Laundry

Avoid Front Loading Washers. When my old washer finally bit the dust, I wanted a front loader. We found a used one and I thought I was in heaven. Getting those things repaired is so expensive! We went back to the top loader and have not looked back. If you can find an old top loader and know how to fix it that is a great option because they last forever. If not, Lowes or Home Depot can help you find one that is of good quality. 

Make your own laundry soap. I do this every once in awhile. You basically end up paying pennies per gallon. You can make it powdered or liquid.

Use less detergent. Make sure you pay attention to the line on the cap. A lot of companies put the line halfway up the cup, knowing you are going to fill up the cup regardless. Take an extra second and measure it out. It will stretch out the soap a lot more than  you realize!

Coupon for Detergent. Many Detergent companies have printable coupons you can use. Pair the coupon with a sale and you save so much money!

Wear clothes more than once. This is especially true of jeans and sweaters. Wearing clothes more than once will also extend the life of your clothes.

Line dry. For a period of time, I did not even have a dryer because my apartment did not have the hookup. I recently got the dryer hook up but still find myself line drying to save on electric costs. Some clothes I prefer line dried like sheets and blankets.

Pay attention to tags when buying clothes. Dry cleaning can take a lot of money. My solution is to not buy many clothes that need to be dry cleaned. I also make sure to note if something needs to be hand washed.

Use regular soap for delicates. Despite what they tell you, using regular laundry soap will not ruin your delicates. Woolite is not needed.

Learn natural stain fighting techniques. I don’t think I have ever bought a stain fighter. The Humbled Homemaker has a great resource of  lots of homemade stain removers. Sometimes the best action though is taking care of the stain as soon as it happens and checking the stain between washing and drying. Drying the item can make the stain set and you may never get it out.

Learn Basic Washer/Dryer repair or know a friend who knows it. I am not ashamed to say that my washer and dryer were freebies off of Craigslist. My husband had to replace a hose on the washer and I think he also had to replace some small part elsewhere. I think we ended up paying $15 in parts. The dryer we got just needed a vent. Also make sure you keep your dryer vent cleaned out.

Only do large, full loads. Get the most use out of your washer. Each load, small or large, uses the same amount of electricity so you might as well get your money’s worth.

Wash in cold water. I only use cold water for my laundry. Haven’t had a problem with it. 90 percent of the energy used when washing clothes is just for heating the water.

What other things do you do to keep laundry costs down?

Saving Tips for Doing Laundry

Thank you for sharing!