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Saving Mr. Banks Movie Review

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Disclosure: I received complimentary tickets to preview the movie for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

Saving Mr. Banks Movie Review

Saving Mr. Banks Movie Review

Saving Mr. Banks is a wonderful, insightful look into the childhood of the author of Mary Poppins and Walt Disney.  You will never look at Mary Poppins the same way again. We all like to think Mary Poppins is about Mary or maybe even the children, when in fact Mary Poppins is about Mr. Banks, the father.  Mary Poppins comes to save the father, not the children. Once Walt realizes that, what he produces gives Mrs. Travellers the best gift, one that makes you produce tears of joy for her as she watches it for the first time.

The movie is two stories that are perfectly weaved together: the childhood of Mrs. Travellers and the making of Mary Poppins. Disney did a beautiful job of storytelling in this movie.  Though the story can get a little intense throughout the movie, Disney added little touches of magic to make you smile, laugh, or reminiscence about a scene from Mary Poppins.  Remember details in the beginning because many of them have significance throughout the film. Each piece of the past tied into her decisions she was making in the film storyboard room.

Tom Hanks did a phenomenal job portraying Walt Disney. For me, it also gave me a more personal glimpse in to the life of Walt Disney. The film added a lot of detail to his character to keep him true to Walt.  A couple of times I forgot I was watching Tom Hanks and thought I was really watching Walt.  That surprised me since I thought I would be hearing/seeing Woody throughout the movie.


I do have to give tons of credit to Emma Thompson though for the excellent job she did with the role of Mrs. Travelvers.  Her role was very intense in a lot of scenes and I don’t think many actresses could have pulled it off like she did.  Her character was very well developed and I wanted to figure out the story so I could understand some of the behaviors she portrayed such as not liking pears.


Another one of my favorite characters was the Mrs. Traveller’s driver. He was comical at times and very honest with Mrs. Travellers. Though she was very “closed” she did talk a little to him throughout and to me he seemed like the only person that “got” her.

This movie is rated PG13. This is mainly due to the nature of topics shared- they would be pretty intense  for a child, though nothing inappropriate like nudity.

Is it worth a movie ticket? I would say this movie is worth a ticket. This is because I believe it is the best film of 2013.  Everybody will be talking about this movie and you will feel left out without seeing it yourself. It has already been nominated for several movie awards.

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