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5 Ways to Save Money on a Disney Cruise

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A Disney Cruise is one of the most wonderful vacations a person, family, or couple can experience and is a must for your travel bucket list.  One word that comes to mind when you hear the word Disney Cruise Line is expensive!  I am here to tell you there are some ways around the expense associated with one of the top and most trusted cruise lines in the industry.

Post updated 8/18/2018

Money saving Disney Cruise Line Tips
Photo Credit: (c)Disney 

Disney Cruise Line Money Saving Tips

Even though a Disney Cruise can be pricey compared to the competition, you get so much more. Here are some simple tips to help you afford a magical Disney cruise.

Use a Travel Agent

Just like an authorized Disney travel agent can save you money on a Walt Disney World resort vacation, they can also save you money when you book a Disney Cruise. This is because they know the ins and outs of getting a great deal and if there is a newly released deal for a cruise you already booked, they automatically add that discount to your account.

On the Disney Dream, Vanellope’s Sweets and Treats satisfies the sweet tooth of cruisers of all ages, with handmade gelato and ice cream, an assortment of candy, and delectable novelty treats for purchase. Signature sundaes inspired by the Sugar Rush arcade game in “Wreck-It Ralph” include Vanellope Von Schweetz’s Race Kart Sundae, served in Vanellope’s very own race car. Photo Credit: Disney 

Book Your Disney Cruise Early

You must book early! First, there are a limited number of sail dates each year for the four Disney Cruise ships and a limited number of interior staterooms and these are the most cost-efficient staterooms, so they are the first to go.  You have to book early for the best selection.  Having flexible dates will help as well, being able to sail during the off-season can mean significant savings for you.

Disney Cruise Line Budget Tips for cheap room
Disney Magic and Disney Wonder Inside Stateroom Photo Credit: (c) Disney 

Put Your Disney Cruise on Layaway

Make payments on your Disney cruise.  Disney only requires a 20% deposit on your total cruise fare to confirm your reservation, so book early, pay your deposit and then make monthly payments until your final payment date.  Proper planning means you can enjoy your cruise without having a huge bill and it will be paid for before you even set foot on the ship which means no big bills to deal with after your vacation is over.

Target Redcard Hack

One of my favorite ways of saving is with a Target Redcard. Target’s Redcard is a debit card that you can use to buy Disney gift cards. When you use the Target card any purchase you make at Target is automatically 5% off that includes Disney gift cards. This is a slightly better discount than Sam’s Club or Costco offers, plus you don’t have to pay a membership fee. Your entire Disney Cruise Vacation can be paid with Disney gift cards.

Book Your Disney Cruise During the Off-Season

You will be pleasantly surprised by the price of an interior stateroom off-peak season.  Hurricane season is the cheapest in the fall. In the event of a hurricane, the ship is diverted and you still enjoy your vacation. Just be sure to have vacation insurance.

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