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Save Money with Your Calendar App

Thank you for sharing!


Most of us have a calendar app on our phone that keeps us aware of all of our appointments and to-do lists. Have you ever used your calendar app to help you save money?  Here are some easy ways to use your calendar app to save money.

  • FREE Item Coupons- Free item coupons are wonderful and most people will rush right out and get that free item right away. The best way to use a free item coupon is to use it with a BOGO sale, or with a drug store rewards program. Look at the expiration date on the coupon and enter that date in the calendar (maybe a few days before) so you can make sure to use the coupon before it expires if you didn’t find a sale to use it with.  I can’t tell you how many free item coupons I “lost” by not scheduling it in my phone.
  • Sales- Some sale fliers last more than the regular weekly ad. I especially use this for Publix and their advantage fliers. I might want a particular deal, but don’t make it to the store right away. Scheduling when that deal ends, reminds me that I have to pick up those items. Sometimes with the Publix fliers, the items will go on sale one of the weeks or a new coupon will come out that make the deals better.
  • Family Fun- At any given time there is a vast amount of free/cheap family fun events. When I am able, I announce the events ahead of schedule. Add the event to your calendar (even if you think you won’t go).  I have had so many weekends where my husband and I want to do something, but can’t think of anything to do. Remember, the family that prays and plays together, stays together. Memories aren’t made in front of the TV every weekend, but it doesn’t have to break your budget to go out and do stuff.

Thank you for sharing!