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Save Money on Groceries: Don’t Fall into the Club Store Trap

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Did you know that when people want to start save money on groceries and other things, that there is a big club store trap that most of us fall in? Many people want to try and save their family money, so they join club stores thinking that buying in bulk will help them save their dollars. Sadly, that is not the case most of the time.

Save Money on Groceries: Don’t Fall into the Club Store Trap

No, I am not saying if you join, you will never find a cheap deal. But most of the time when you break it down, it is the same price or higher than if you bought it at a normal grocery store. You also have to factor in that you do pay a club fee. So if you did find an item say $1 cheaper, is it really when you spent say $30 for a yearly fee? Now, if you are a huge family, it may work out better for you but not always since buying in bulk especially items like fruits and vegetables are hard for even large families to consume before the parish.

Here’s another example of a way that it can be waste your money. For most average families, they may only use a loaf of bread once a week. So if you bought a loaf at a club store, it would come in 2 pack or sometimes 4 packs. By the time you got to the other loaves, they will have gone bad. You could freeze them but that’s only if you have enough freezer space, but most of us don’t.

Let’s Break-down the club store trap:
  1. Costs Money to Join That You Need To Factor in To All Purchases.
  2. Prices Really Are Not Cheaper, When Size Is Broken Down.
  3. For Average Families, Food Spoils Before Use.

So, not that I burst your Club Store dreams you may be wondering what can you do to save money on your families groceries?
Well, one of the best ways is to shop the ad and sales. Each Sunday I break out the newspaper and pull out all of the sale ads. I then look online at all of my local grocery store ads too and yes there can be difference in the two. Then I go to my coupon files and match up items; this takes some time but its time well spent. Don’t forget to check stores like CVS and Walgreens that too have incredible deals and the accept manufacture coupons as well as having their own online. If you work the ads and add in your coupons you will be amazed at the money you can save.Don't-Fall-into-the-Club-Store-Trap


Another great way to save is to shop stores that you normally would not think about. Such as dollar stores, discount grocery stores and even local church food pantries. Many times you can find items there that are even cheaper than the grocery store ads. If you’re shopping discount stores, just be sure to check expiration dates, usually the dates can be close to their expiration.

If you are thinking of joining a club store, just be sure to way out the pros and cons. These stores do not always work out to be the best for every family and you do not want to fall into the club store trap!

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