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How to Save Money on Easter

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All holidays have the ability to get expensive. Easter can get pretty expensive pretty fast. Thinking of all the things that are expected of that day: special breakfast, Easter baskets, new Sunday dresses, dying eggs, and a family dinner. Commercialism has taken almost every holiday and has made it very expensive. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Easter is my favorite holiday because it reminds me that Jesus arose from the grave and has given me new life. Let’s bring the focus back to Christ and less on our pocketbooks. Here are 10 ways I save money on Easter.

10 Ways to Save Money on Easter

Lower Gift Basket Expectations. It is almost like Christmas at Easter now. It is ridiculous! I remember as kids getting some candy and maybe a new jump rope for spring. Let your kids know that they will get 1-2 springtime toys and some candy.

Fill your own Easter Basket. Usually, the pre-filled ones are really expensive.

Find Easter Baskets/Buckets at the Thrift Store. Then reuse them the following year. You can do the same with the grass as well. Just store them together.

Buy eggs on sale. Pretty close to Easter you will see that all the stores have a fantastic sale on eggs. Plus the Incredible, Edible Egg Facebook page usually releases a coupon for even more savings.

Coupon for candy. Who can resist filling an Easter basket with lots of candy? usually has a lot of really great printable coupons for candy. Pair those up with sales and you have a rock bottom price.

Find your “new” Easter dress at a thrift store or discount store like Ross. I usually try to make my new dress nice, but not so fancy that it can’t be incorporated into my regular church attire. Part of stretching your dollar is having several uses for one piece of clothing.

Stretch your ham dinner by buying an extra big ham since they are really cheap during the holidays. Make up some freezer meals and have some ham based meals throughout the next few months.

Shop ahead for next year. Right after Easter go and shop the clearance section. Get some great deals at a fraction of the cost.

Don’t over decorate. Have a few seasonal items, but don’t overdo it. You don’t have to have your house turned into Easter Bunny land to enjoy the holiday. Remember it is not about the decor, it is about the hope Christ gives us with His resurrection.

Check out all the free festivities going on around your town. Many churches have free Easter Egg hunts you can participate in. Many churches put on beautiful cantatas, find one outside of your normal church services and get an extra blessing from God. Church Facebook pages and radio station websites are good places to search for free events.

Thank you for sharing!