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Tips & Tricks on How to Save Money at Joann’s

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I am usually a huge Hobby Lobby shopper. That changed as of recently because I have picked up sewing again. When I sewed before I was sewing curtains and bags. This time I am taking on clothes. I was having my mother in law sew the items I wanted, but now I am wanting to make things on my own. Hobby Lobby is great, but they just don’t have the fabric selection that Joann’s has. I was kind of intimidated to shop there at first because their prices are somewhat higher than Hobby Lobby’s, but I have discovered some great tricks and tips on How to Save Money at Joann’s.

How to Save Money at Joann's

How to Save Money at Joann’s

Download their app. The Joann’s app has coupons you can use and you can also see the weekly ad. Some of the coupons are different than the text or email coupons.

Sign up for text coupons. The cashier told me about this coupon. When you first sign up you get a 20% off total order coupon. You also get occasional other coupons by text.

Sign up for their email. Coupons can also be found in their emails. It might seem weird to sign up for coupons through all the sources, but you can use more than one coupon per transaction. For instance, you can use a 40% off a single item along with a $5/$35 total order coupon.

Use Multiple Coupons. Many times you will get the same coupons via snail mail, email, and text. You can use the coupons that are not percent off total order in one transaction. For example, if you have a 40% off one regular priced item, you can buy 3 regular priced items at 40% off if you have one of each type of coupon.

Shop Clearance. Joann’s has clearance all around the store. Each department has a little section dedicated to it.

Only Buy Patterns on Sale. When I first started this sewing endeavor a little over a month ago, I tried buying a pattern. It was $20! I thought how is making clothes more frugal than buying them if patterns are that much, plus you have to buy material and notions. It is insane! I then learned that patterns go on sale for 2-3 days at a time (sometimes the whole week) for a much cheaper price, like $1 or $2 a piece. That is something I can afford and justify. Way more off than even a 60% off coupon! 

Use Competitor Coupons. JoAnn’s accepts coupons from AC Moore, Hancock Fabrics, and Aaron Brothers as well as Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. That includes the coupons Micheal’s gives you after purchase, mobile coupons, and website coupons.

Become a VIP Member.  This is just for resellers, members of a professional sewing or crafting organization, or interior design professionals. Being a VIP member gets you 10% off every purchase. Sign up HERE.

Grab the Student Discount. Students (high school or college) get 10% off every purchase and 2 coupons. Sign up HERE.

Grab the Military Discount. Military members (past or present) and eligible family members get 10% off. Read more about the Military discount on their website.

Bring a shopping list. As with any store, I bring a list as to not buy more than I really need. Even if something is on sale, if it something I don’t need I didn’t save such and such amount I spent money. At home make a list of all the items you need for a project.

Buy one item a day. If you have more non-sale items than available coupons, buy for the amount of coupons you have and then come back the next day with more coupons. This option is only good if you live close enough to a Joann Fabric store that you are not wasting gas.

Use coupons more than sales. Sometimes the sales are not that great. You can get better deals waiting for it to go off sale and using coupons to save more.

Shop Fabric Remnants. Remnants are generally less than a yard in length and are already marked 50% off the regular price. But here’s the fun part: if the fabric is on sale that day, you get the sale price and then the 50% off! So if you find a remnant that is has a regular price of $5 a yard, and there is a sale that day of 50% off, that would make it $2.50 a yard. Then you get 50% off the remnant price-it is $1.25 a yard!

What is your favorite way to save at Joann Craft stores?


Thank you for sharing!