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Save on Gas with Sunoco

Thank you for sharing!

*I  have been compensated in the form of a Sunoco Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free in exchange for this post. Regardless, I will only promote items I believe in. All opinions are my own. save on gas with sunocoMy Disney trip is 6 days away. I am super excited because I am going to my first ever 24 hour day party! We reserved our hotel room weeks ago and we are packing 90% of our food for the trip. The only big expense we have left is gas. Have you seen how expensive that is lately? I notice that the price of gas seems to go up right before a travel holiday. Memorial Day is no exception to that rule. We are traveling 2 hours each way, plus many times between our off property hotel and the Disney parks. That is going to be quite bit of gas.

We are going to be getting all of our gas at Sunoco because of their fuel rewards program through my local grocery store. I have got $1.15 in fuel rewards, so I will save $1.15 per gallon. That is a pretty good savings. The downside of just using fuel perks, is that once you use them, you have to build them up again. That takes time. The discount is only for one fill up too.

Now we can save on gas with Sunoco even more! You can get a Sunoco Gas Credit Card. This gas credit card will save you even more at the pump! Each time you get gas with your Sunoco Gas Credit card, you save 5¢ off every gallon! I have partnered with Sunoco and they have extended a special offer to Pixie Dust Savings readers!! Once approved for your card, you will get 25¢ off per gallon for 60 days when you enter special offer code IT15. 

Getting the Sunoco Gas Credit Card:Save on Gas with Sunoco 1

  1. Visit the Sunoco Gas Credit Card website to learn about the benefits of the card.
  2. To apply for the Sunoco Gas Credit Card visit our dedicated application page for this promotion. You will need to make sure to include the special offer code IT15 on your application.
  3. If your credit card application is approved, you will receive your Sunoco Rewards Credit Card which you will then need to activated.
  4. Once you activate your Sunoco Gas Credit Card, you will get $.25 cents off per gallon for 60 days.
  5. Once the 60 days of the special offer has ended, you will receive a gas discount of $.05 cents off per gallon every day, every time instantly at the pump.

A few additional savings tips:

  • A lot of people use gas credit cards only for gas, and then pay it off every month so no additional charges are formed. That is a great thing to do!
  • Keep your gas tank filled up. It is better for your car and you use less gas.
  • Get regular oil changes and keep tires properly inflated to maximize gas usage.

What other tips do you have for saving on gas?



Thank you for sharing!

Angela Christopher

Friday 30th of May 2014

That is awesome, $.25 off per gallon for the first 60 days!!

Heather Johnson

Wednesday 21st of May 2014

We do not have any Sunocos around here. But I save on gas at Shell using my Kroger card.

Risa Bledsoe

Wednesday 21st of May 2014

This sounds like a great deal! I don't think they have Sunoco's in my area though.


Monday 19th of May 2014

I get my gas at BJS. Gas here is CT is expensive-pushing $4 per gallon!


Monday 19th of May 2014

We are at $4.00/gallon here in CT, so we have to make an effort to help save on gas, like not speeding, combining trips to stores, etc. I also have a Sunoco card and love the savings.

Pixie Dust Savings

Monday 19th of May 2014

That is good to hear! I completely forgot about combining trips. I do that a lot especially since I shop at different stores.