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Saturday Shorts: Disney’s First Cinderella Film

Thank you for sharing!

In May 1922, Walt Disney founded Laugh-O-Gram Films. My husband and I have decided to try to watch a lot of these old, silent movie cartoons. We want to know as much as we can about Walt Disney and his creative legacy. Many of them can be found on Youtube.  I found this Cinderella film and I think it is just adorable. This film was the final one the Laugh-O-Gram films made as it went out of business. According to Wikipedia, Disney was living out of his office around this point and bathing at Union Station. This short was made in December 1922.

I like how it is all “modern” themed for the 20’s, cute flappers, catchy music, and super cool cars! A few parts I just don’t get though and wonder what the underlying meaning is. One part is the invitation. The ball is on Tuesday, Friday the 13th.  If you have a theory about this please let me know in the comments. Another part I don’t understand is when the dog gets hurt and the person asks him are you hurt, the dog hits him with his crutch. Is that supposed to be early sarcasm or am I missing something?

I think that it is interesting that he chose this film to remake into a feature length film. He must of really loved the Cinderella story. The Cinderella story is one where someone isn’t supposed to succeed, but they do. Maybe that is a picture of Walt’s life. He had so many failures–and now we enjoy his success.




Thank you for sharing!