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Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Presents: LEGENDS Review

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Disclaimer- I received complimentary tickets for review purposes. Regardless all opinions are my own.

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Presents: LEGENDS ReviewPhotoGrid_1389399007706

Our family was able to attend the circus on January 3rd,2014 in Tampa,FL. We had been looking forward to it since before Christmas. My husband and I have been to the circus as kids but our son had never been so we were very excited for him to experience all the sights, sounds, and smells of the circus!
We arrived early to pick up our tickets and to experience the animals preshow but it was too cold so no animals before the show and the trainer area was only for girl scouts and their families this night (so we were told by 4 different workers) very disappointing to say the least.
While we waited to enter the arena we purchased our son a program for the show which came with 3 rubber band bracelets for $12.00, he really enjoyed looking through it at all he would soon see! It was finally time to enter the arena and we make our way in and the smell of popcorn,cotton candy, and many other wonderful goodies hit you and all the cool items for sale: hats, shirts, toys! PhotoGrid_1389312895380They also had a face painting station and many photo opportunities with different figures (elephants, tigers, clowns and many more). We find our seats and my husband takes our son down to the arena floor for the All Access Pre-Show where you can try on costumes, meet and get autographs with the actors and clowns, and to watch the many amazing acts performed right in front of you like aerialists and clowns acting silly. By far they said the best part was when Kelly the elephant came out and performed a few things (kicking a football) and painting a picture for the giveaway later in the night. PhotoGrid_1389312372713My husband said he never realized how large a elephant was he was intimidated by the size. My son thought it was cool to be so close to the elephant without a fence and how hairy the elephant was! Time for the show to start of course they had to stop to get a souvenir popcorn bucket($12.00)and soda’s($7.75) for the show. The lights dim, the music starts and the show is starting!


Our minds are blown within 10 minutes of the show by all the great entertainment and continue to be blown all night long! I don’t want to give away every detail as I truly believe that this is a show that everyone should see at least 1 time in their life so our family chose 3 acts to share some info about that our family truly enjoyed and would come back to see them again! PhotoGrid_1389398181632
Our 1st favorite was the Torre’s family with their amazing motorcycle skills! They are 7 brothers and 1 sister who defy gravity and go speeds of 60 mph, 4 inches apart in a 16-foot-wide Globe of Steel! All 8 inside at the same time! My son and husband would have been completely happy if this was all they saw but there was much more to be seen of the circus!

Our 2nd favorite act was the Unbelievable Hairialists! I was cringing in pain and had a headache just watching this amazing act! They hand high in the air by their HAIR and do spins, twirls and much more all by their HAIR. It’s crazy and brave and amazing all rolled into one great act! I loved when my son looks at me with excitement in his eyes and says: Mommy you have long hair I bet you could do that! My response was: Never going to happen son!

The next thing is actually not one of our 3 choices but is a given because well I love just watching them: the amazing Asian Elephants! I love seeing them perform all of the great tricks. It is so cool how an animal so large can do such neat acts with such ease and finesse! I know they have years of training to do this but I could watch them move and perform for hours! They are amazing animals and a must see for the circus!
Our 3rd favorite act was the Horse Riders! Men and women and some of the most beautiful horses I have ever seen perform some really neat tricks like the five-man pyramid, the dead-man drag and the women performed some amazing acrobatic moves all at speeds of 25mph or more and all just inches from the hard ground! Again these performers are all amazing and have years of training to be able to do these feats of wonder for our enjoyment!
These are just a few of the many wonderful acts and people who make the circus – “The Greatest Show On Earth” !

Our family would definitely attend the circus again as we all left with huge smiles on our faces and wanted to see more and to watch the great acts over and over! If your looking for a fun filled awe-inspiring night of pure excitement the circus is the place to go!

Thank you for sharing!