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10 Ways to Save Money on Books

Thank you for sharing!

One of my favorite hobbies is reading. It helps me relax, teaches me new vocabulary, and opens up worlds for me to explore. Just because I love to read doesn’t mean I spend a lot of money on it. Here are 10 ways to save money on books. 

10 Ways to Save Money on Books

These saving tips work for both adult and children’s books. 

 1. Use the Library. Hopefully, the library is close to you and doesn’t cost you much gas. They usually have new books within a couple weeks of release and now many libraries have programs with surrounding libraries to get you books from across your area without you driving to each location. I would also check your church library. If your church doesn’t have one, maybe that is something you can start.

2. Thrift Stores. Thrift stores are great places to get cheap books. You can usually get books for under $2 a piece. 

3. Freecycle Groups and Websites such as Craigslist. Please meet in a public place for safety reasons.

4. Amazon Freebies. Be sure to check out your favorite deals blog for the daily list of freebie books.

5. Host a Book Swap. Grab together a bunch of friends and then each to bring a certain number of books and then exchange. Add some snacks and drinks, you have a party! If you can’t arrange a book swap, make a post on Facebook saying you are looking for something new to read and if anyone would be willing to give and/or lend you books. 

6. Reread a book you already own. I know I have old treasures just waiting for me to rediscover their value.

7. Clearance Sales. Check out clearance sales both in stores and online. 

8. Book Swap Websites

9. Yard Sales. If you go on the last day, they might be really trying to move the books along and you will get a great bargain.

10. Make Sure You Want the Book. Before you buy a new book, preview the book in a brick and mortar book store. Skim through it and see if you would want to own it. After you do that search online for the cheapest price.

Thank you for sharing!