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15+ Purse Essentials | Be Prepared for Life’s Mishaps!

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I don’t always carry around a purse and I want to make it a habit. I have realized the importance of carrying a well-stocked purse and the money that it saves. I used to think a purse was just for your wallet and keys. Here is a list of 15+ purse essentials that will have you prepared for any situation.

Purse Essentials


Things to Keep in Your Purse

Wipes– Even if you are not a mom, keep some wipes or towelettes in your purse for unexpected messes and sticky situations.

Small Sewing Kit– You never know when you will lose a button, get a tear, or discovered your zipper is broken.

Baggies (assorted sizes)– I carry around one of each size. Wet clothes, half eaten foods, and so much more can be put in these baggies and saved rather than ruining your purse.

Sunblock– Sunblock is so important for your skincare. Sometimes I get stuck being outside when I was not expecting it. I also carry chapstick with sunblock in it as well as sunglasses.

Snacks/Gum/Hard Candy– Eating out is a major budget buster. If I just need a snack while I am out running errands then a snack in my purse saves me more money than running through the drive through. Things like cracker packs, granola bars, and trail mix make awesome purse snacks.

Tissues/Napkins– You are not afraid of messes, you got everything covered. 🙂

Stain Stick– Save so many of your clothes by pretreating a stain as soon as it happens.

Extra Hair Ties–  If your hair decides to take on a mind of its own, you end up working, the temp rises or you decide to work out, you’ll want to put it up. I also keep a small hairbrush and a couple bobby pins.

Nail Care Kit– Take care of hang nails and broken nails quickly and safely.

Headphones– To keep yourself occupied in a public place.

Coupons– If you coupon, you probably have a binder or use a filing system. I am talking about putting in a baggie or envelope of store coupons or restaurant coupons. I would also include coupons for items you know you pick up all the time. Never know when you will spot a deal on something you always buy.

Small Makeup Bag- Keep a small makeup bag with items to touch up your face. I usually have mascara, lip stick, and powder in mine. If it is going to be a long day I will add more items to touch up such as eyeliner and eye shadow.

Paper & Pens/Pencils– Even with Smartphones paper and pencil is still needed. You might want to exchange phone numbers with someone who doesn’t have their phone with them, doodle while waiting in line, or make list.

Small First Aid Kit– Kit should include: band-aids, antibacterial gel, antibiotic ointment, moleskin, gauze, safety pins, q-tips, and cotton balls.

Pain Reliever– Never know when a headache or muscle ache will strike. Have some handy so you don’t run into the closest drug store to get something you already own. I have done that more times than I want to admit. When you have 3-4 bottles of Tylenol hanging around because you are never prepared, it is a problem.

Feminine Items– Even if you are like clockwork it is always good to be prepared.

What do you carry in your purse all the time that saves time and money? Let me know in the comments!

things to keep in your purse




Thank you for sharing!