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13 Tasty Potato Recipes to Mix it Up

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Here are 13 potato dishes your family is going to love! Do you ever get in a rut with your cooking? I know I do. Sometimes it is because I make pretty frugal recipes and stepping outside of my norm may cost more. That is not always the case though and being frugal doesn’t have to mean being boring.

Potatoes are a budget-friendly side dish. You can get a bag for around $3 and get several meals from that bag. Even with variety like baked, roasted, and mashed it is easy to get into a potato rut.


Potato Recipes

Delicious Potato Recipes

Do you have a favorite potato recipe? Share the recipe with me in the comments!

Still haven’t found the potato recipe of your dreams, check out these great cookbooks:

Tasty Potato recipes when you feel like you are in a potato rut. #frugal #frugalrecipes #potatoes #potatorecipes

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