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Pin Trading Wall at the Pin Hut

Thank you for sharing!

Downtown Disney/Disney Springs is a great place to go Pin Trading. You can trade with Cast members and they are all over the Downtown Disney area. Some of teh Disney themed stores have boards or books you can trade with. Those are all good, but the best place to trade is at the Pin Hut. The best time to trade at the Pin Hut is when they open up the big pin board. They don’t have a set time they open it, so you can’t plan it. It is like a nice surprise!

Pin Trading Wall at the Pin Hut

They open up the board and the line. You get your 2 pins that you want to trade ready by taking off the pin backs. Once it your turn, you can go up to the board and pick the pins you want to trade by pointing them out to the cast member. Though a lot of the pins are scrapper pins (how to tell if a pin is a scrapper pin) I usually can find a few that are not. Either way it is a HUGE selection of pins to choose from. Also the Pin Hut groups similar pins together so it makes it easier to see differences in the pins if there are some non-scrappers in the bunch.

***Update December 2017*** I am sad to say announce that the Pin Hut has retired the Pin Wall and has replaced it with another pin activity.



I went the other day and caught the board while it was opening.  Only a few people were ahead of me in line. Shortly afterward the line was full. They only allow so many people to trade before the close it up again. 

The Pin Hut is also the best place to buy pins.  They usually have the specialty and passholder pins. The other day I picked up a Baymas pin.

The one thing I do not like about the Pin Hut is that they took away half their pins for Magic Band stuff.

Have you ever traded at the Pin Trading Wall at the Pin Hut? What was your best pin trade there?

Thank you for sharing!

Alison Laccetti

Friday 25th of January 2019

What Pin Trading activity replaced the Pin Huts, pin wall trading and where would I find it. I never got to experience the Pin Hut. I didn’t know about it. I go to Disney World in Florida. Thanks in advance for your help. __________ Ali