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Pete’s Dragon Activities – Play and Imagine Together

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Pete’s Dragon is one of my favorite live action movies from when I was a kids. I know I ruined quite a few VHS tapes from overplaying this movie. I am not sure what made me love this movie. Maybe it was Pete because he was lovable, but alone. Maybe it was Elliot, because he was caring and loving even though he was perceived as a monster. Or maybe it was all the fun adventures Pete and Elliot had together. Having adventures is important for kids. Not just adventures on a vacation far away, but adventures in your own backyard. The creators of Pete’s Dragon have teamed up the Disneynature educational team to bring you these fun Pete’s Dragon Activities.

Pete's Dragon Activities

Pete’s Dragon Activities packet shares the importance of imaginative play, how to encourage imaginative play, how to inspire the imagination outdoors, and inspirational places for outdoor play. 

Pete’s Dragon Activities:

I also have some sneak peek film clips from Pete’s Dragon

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PETE’S DRAGON flies into theaters everywhere on August 12th!

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