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Perfectly Posh Review and Giveaway

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Disclosure: Pixie Dust Savings received these items for free to review, regardless all views expressed are 100% honest and my own. 

Hi Pixie Dust Savers!!

Do you love pampering yourself? I do!! I finally got the chance to review Perfectly Posh products. If you have never heard of Perfectly Posh,  let me share with you what it is. Perfectly Posh is a direct selling company similar to Pampered Chef or Thirty-One. I personally love these type of companies. It gives women a chance to earn more money, especially SAHM’s. What makes Perfectly Posh so nice is that all of their products are natural! No odd ingredients that make you wonder what you are putting on your skin.



I was able to get together with my awesome team of writers (minus Dawn—we missed you!) to test these products out. So in this review you will not be getting just my opinion but the opinion of three other women. We tested out four Perfectly Posh Products: Fabulous Fizzies, Tree Hugger Lip Scrub, SeaWitch Face Mask, and Smooth Samadhi hand massage balm.  The items arrived super quick and were packaged in these cool packing “peanuts”. The “peanuts” are made from corn starch so even the packaging is eco-friendly and edible. I wasn’t brave enough to try one though. LOL, Lisa said they they resembled tasteless cheetos. They dissolve in water for easy disposal.

The first item we tried was the SeaWitch face mask. Lisa and Marietta were unable to test out this product because it contains aloe and they are allergic to that. So, Joanna and I tried the SeaWitch Mask. We read the ingredients and instructions. The instructions indicate that their might be a slight burning effect so we were a little apprehensive to try it. We did a test spot on our wrist (which you should do on any new product anyways) and didn’t feel much of anything. Joanna put it on her face and we waited 5 minutes laughing, gabbing, and having fun! After 5 minutes, with no burning effects I will add, Joanna wiped off the mask with cool water as instructed. This was Joanna’s favorite product to try.

What we liked about the face mask:

  • It is quick, just 5 minutes, so it is great when you are busy.
  • The mask left our face feeling clean and smooth.
  • The mask while one did not get too tight
  • The price/value


Next we tried the Tree Hugger Lip Scrub. This stuff is amazing!!! It smells delicious, yes delicious and Lisa thought it smelled so good that she tasted it. All of us tried the lip scrub. If you don’t like lip gloss, you probably wouldn’t like this even though upon application it feels “gritty” as you scrub your lips. It does leave the lips shiny and very clean looking. Sadly, my SD card broke and I don’t have any lovely pictures of our lips after the application. This was Lisa’s and Marietta’s favorite product to try.

What we liked about the lip scrub:

  • The smell and taste
  • It was pretty long lasting.
  • Left our lips shiny and smooth
  • The price/value


Next we tried the Samadhi Hand Massage Balm. We thought the smell was nice, not too strong. It does take quite a lot and we noticed it disappeared fast. It did leave our hands shiny and smooth though. Since the description said massage balm we expected it to last awhile while we massaged our hands.

What we liked about the Samadhi Hand Massage Balm:

  • It smells good
  • leaves hands shiny and smooth


Lastly, we tried the Fabulous Foot Fizzies. We smelled the product first and the smell reminded me of altoids- minty and fresh. When you are smelling the whole bag beware, the smell is a bit strong. We were not sure if we were supposed to put the fizzie in before or after our feet were in.  So we tried it both ways. Joanna and I tried it with the fizzie dissolving before we put our feet in and Lisa and Marietta tried with the fizzie being dropped in while their feet were in. Marietta and Lisa said their feet felt tickily while it was dissolving and slimy afterward, while Joanna and I did not feel that.  I tried the Fabulous Fizzies after my Disney day so my feet needed a foot soak. Out of all the products we tried this was Lisa’s, Joanna’s, and Marietta’s least favorite. I absolutely loved it though! I do foot soaks quite often. I find them very relaxing and the fragrance of the fizzies once dissolved was very soothing to the senses. I let my feet soak for about 15 minutes or until the water got cold. This was my favorite product to try.

What we liked about the Fabulous Fizzies:

  • the smell



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Casey Cronk

Wednesday 15th of January 2014

i <3 POSH!! Check out the website!!

Aida Ingram

Tuesday 5th of November 2013

This looks cool!


Tuesday 5th of November 2013

Brazillian bombshell

Megan Ross

amber carroll

Tuesday 5th of November 2013

i want the Cajole for Him and Her

Rachel Ralston

Tuesday 5th of November 2013

I would like to try the Slather Body Butter -- Brazilian Bombshell