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Parc Corniche: Orlando Resort Review

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My husband and I took an extended Memorial Day weekend in Orlando. We stayed in Orlando for 4 nights and 5 days. I attended the Legoland Duplo Valley preview and Disney’s Rock Your #DisneySide 24 Hour party. I knew we needed a place to stay cheap that also had kitchen amenities since we were not doing any dining.  My last stay I stayed at Westgate Towers and thought it was pretty good. I love staying at Baymount Inn but didn’t see them on the Hotwire listings when we looked. My husband and I took a chance on a Hotwire room that was still gathering reviews. I will never do that again. I LOVE Hotwire and trust their recommended percentage rate. We only paid $50 a night and that was a good thing because its’ value is not more than that. Here is my full review of  Parc Corniche.

At first glance the place seems decent. Grounds are kept nice and the rooms are clean. The staff at the desk was nice.  They had our room ready of ahead of time so we were able to check in before heading to Disney. I had checked out Trip Advisor and many reviews said that if you got a renovated room, you were fine. I did not get a renovated room, well, according to the front desk I received a partially renovated room. They had upgraded the TV’s.  I had a one bedroom condo in building 3.


The bed/matress was rather used. You could see a body dips in the mattress. My husband checked for bed bugs and the bed was free of those. Only one side of the bed had a night stand. If during our stay we wanted the sheets changed/bed made we would have to pay $20/day for that service. Daily housekeeping only switched out towels and emptied trash. This place also charged for wi-fi. Good thing I have unlimited data or I would have been lost. The walls are pretty thin and you can hear everything that happens in the hallways.

The living area had a decent couch. I did not pull it open to look at the bed part, but it was probably in the same state as the regular bed- in need of an update. The TV had a good selection of channels. The little patio was filthy. I was wanted to wipe down the chairs but next to the towels there was a note to not use them for cleaning because they can become stained and then they would charge you for that. I would hope that you could get a white towel clean with bleach, LOL.



The bathroom was horrible. It was tiny. It was old. Corners/ceilings were dirty. The floor next to the rub underneath the tile appeared rotted because when you stepped onto it, you sunk a little bit. My husband called to address the issue and they offered to move us, but I decided to stick it out. We had already pretty much unpacked everything and I had an Elsa & Anna FP+ we had to get to. I don’t see them repairing the issue though. They might try to throw some more grout in, but the only way to repair the problem would be to tear up the floor and redo it.

The kitchen was decent and satisfied our needs. We utilized the microwave and toaster oven. We also used the dishwasher. Some of our dishes did not come clean using the dishwasher, but that could of been the dishwashing soap. If I HAD to stay here again, I will bring some Cascade.




I did use the pool. My achy body needed some relaxation after the 24 hour day. The pool was ok. My husband noticed a bit of grime on the pool’s edge and told the grounds crew. My husband said it looked cleaner the next day. The pool area has a regular sized pool, a kiddie pool, and a hot tub. A playground is behind the pool and there is also a game room with arcade games.

My husband tried out the breakfast and it was awful. He said they tried but just couldn’t pull it off. Hard boiled eggs, hashbrowns, milk, juice, coffee, cereal, etc. You couldn’t take anything out of the breakfast area either. Usually my husband grabs me breakfast and brings it up to the room while I get the park bags ready for the day or clean up.





The  Parc Corniche is about 20 minutes from Disney which did cost us a little more in gas than we would have liked. I do not recommend this place to anyone unless you are desperate for the amount of room this place had. Better places are available off property. Being on Disney property is the best choice, especially if you are flying in. Getting lost in Orlando is pretty easy.

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