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runDisney Racing Tips | Overcoming Running Roadblocks

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Though I have not run a marathon, I hit several mental roadblocks when I trained and completed my 10K race. Overcoming running roadblocks can be hard at times, but Cigna RunTogether has some great tips for getting past them. Don’t let your mind stop you from achieving your goals.

Overcoming Running Roadblocks

Every runner seasoned or new runs into mental blocks that hinder them from completing goals. Use these helpful tips to rock your goals during your training and race day!

Set Your Own Pace

Since I am a plus-size runner, I know I was not going to be as fast as a lot of my peers. Using the Jeff Galloway Training Program, I found a pace that was good for me. Be confident with your training. One thing I tried to do during my race was to listen to music and enjoy my surroundings. runDisney races are magical and are to be enjoyed.

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Focus on Yourself

On the course and maybe even while training you will see other runners run past you. Don’t start doubting your own training. Focus on yourself and your race. It will be your medal they will be putting around your neck. What was hard for me as a plus-size runner was that at this point I am not fast enough to stop for character pictures. That is ok though, I was excited just to participate! There are plenty of opportunities to get pictures with your medal with characters within the park after the race.

Divide the Race into Chunks

Don’t think about the whole distance. Think about just getting to the next mile marker or landmark. With me, I was excited to enter Epcot during my 10K because I knew that signaled the halfway point.

Think Positive

Let the people the on sidelines encourage you. Find some personal mantras to repeat to yourself. Thinking positive will give you more energy.

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Visualize the Finish Line

Once you get near the end of your race you may be tired, you probably are sweaty, and the finish line may seem farther away than it is. Visualize yourself crossing the finish line and getting your medal. Think about that victory Powerade and famous cheese sauce if it helps, lol.

Celebrate You Made It! 

Let’s Discuss! How do you deal with mental roadblocks during your training and during the race?

Thank you for sharing!


Tuesday 2nd of January 2018

Do you happen to know the schedule for Run Disney in Florida? California has suspended them till further notice.