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Once Upon a Time, season 3 episode 20, “Kansas” (***SPOILER ALERT***)

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Before I watched this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time, I wondered if we would learn anything new that we hadn’t already seen in the previews…Snow has her baby, Zelena takes the baby, we meet Dorothy….

As Snow is taken into the hospital in labor, Rumpel is spinning straw into gold in his cage. Zelena turns his gold pile into a brain, stating that he was right in saying that spinning clears his mind. That seems a bit easy to me. I mean, I know she couldn’t rip out his brain because she needs the Dark One as her bodyguard, but if Regina canrip out hearts without killing people, surely Zelena can accomplish something similar with Rumpel’s brain rather than a lump of spun gold in the shape of a brain.

Back in Oz, Zelena watches with envy through her window portal as Rumpel teaches Regina. Glinda comes in and thanks her for standing up to the fake wizard of Oz. Glinda offers to introduce Zelena to “her sisters” since she cannot change her past.

Zelena is setting up some sort of circle with each of her pieces (brain, courage, heart) around the outside. I’m wondering if she’s planning to leave flying monkeys in charge of guarding these things since she and Rumpel will soon be heading to the hospital to retrieve the baby and she can’t just leave these valuable things unguarded, lying around.

At the hospital, Regina and Emma set up a protection spell, hoping that Emma’s white magic is powerful enough to keep out anyone with dark magic. Though, I wonder why it doesn’t keep Regina out. Emma argues with Hook for not telling her about what was going on, then she heads out to take the fight to Zelena. Charming convinces her to take Hook with her, if for no other reason than to draw fire. Ha, ha! I thought that was pretty funny. After they leave, Henry is looking through the classifieds for an apartment for Emma so he can go back and forth between his moms.

Emma and Hook, tromping through the woods, again discussing staying versus going back to New York. Blah, blah, blah. We’ve seen this scene before. And, yes, she is right that he is a kid and she’s the mom and she has to make decisions for him because he doesn’t always know what it best for him, but how does she seriously think that Regina and Henry will be ok with them going back to New York? And, yes, maybe they had it good in New York, but does she really think she can leave behind the family that she longed for all her life as well as everyone that Henry knows and loves. I agree, Storybrooke isn’t necessarily safe for Henry considering he was raised by an evil queen and kidnapped and killed and possessed by Peter Pan and nearly strangled by the wicked witch. But, he could just as easily be mugged in Central Park or run over by a taxi. There is danger everywhere, magical or otherwise. At least in Storybrooke, he has two powerful, magical mothers and a magical grandpa to protect him. Besides all this, I’m irritated that they are in the vicinity of Zelena’s house and instead of being quiet and alert to danger, they are strolling along arguing about residence. Hello? Last time you were whispering and checking windows–now you’re just loudly walking up arguing and not paying attention? No wonder they don’t see Zelena and the Dark One approach. Zelena has Rumpel throw Hook in the stock tank and he’s trapped there drowning. She gives Emma a choice–watch him die and keep her magic or save him and lose it. Then she disappears. Good choice to take Hook with her. He drew fire all right–he became a liability.

In Oz, Glinda introduces Zelena to her sister witches from the North and the East. She says they each represent a special part of magic: love (the heart), wisdom (the brain), and courage (the sword hilt). She says that together they are much more powerful than by themselves. She brought Zelena there to change her future and offer her the seat of the west. They never say why the west seat is vacant–what happened to the former sister witch? The west represents the most elusive of elements: innocence (the baby). She tells Zelena that she can choose to be good and regain her innocence. At the urging of the other witches, Glinda tells of a prophecy of a new sister witch that will join them as a protector of Oz and is brought to Oz by a cyclone.

Emma is finally able to pull Hook, unconscious, from the trough. This is where I get irritated with the storyline. For one, I am a paramedic’s wife and I know that standard CPR policy now is no mouth-to-mouth, only chest compressions. I went through CPR training and they did teach some mouth to mouth, but it’s not recommended and we used mouth guards, even on the dummies. My husband says that since they have the patients on oxygen masks, they’d have to remove oxygen to administer mouth to mouth. Chest compressions are the standard. Maybe I am just picky because I know the technicality of this, but my first reaction was, “Hey! No mouth to mouth! Chest compressions!” But, since that wouldn’t fit in with the trap that Zelena set, nope, no chest compressions! My other thought was to weigh this situation. Ok, yeah, maybe she’s in love with Hook. But, if she gives up her magic, she is powerless to stop Zelena from hurting Henry, her parents, her newborn brother, pretty much everyone else that she loves. At this point, everyone believes she is the only hope of defeating Zelena or else Zelena goes back in time and Regina, Snow, Emma, Henry all cease to exist. Even if it was just a choice between Hook and Henry, she should have just let Hook die. Sorry, but whatever. His life for the rest of the town including her whole family. Yep, easy decision there. Maybe I’m more irritated that she let Neal die to defeat Zelena but saved Hook which does the opposite. In any case, she is stupid and gives him mouth to mouth and loses her magic and Hook asks her what she has done. Even he knows she’s being stupid!

In Oz, Zelena watches Regina through her portal and then says good-bye, she’s over it. Glinda appears and gives her an amulet that will harness all of her power. But, without it, she is powerless. She hands her a mirror and Zelena’s green skin returns to normal.

Zelena and Rumpel stalk toward the hospital as Snow is delivering. Robin Hood and the dwarves try to stop her, but she knocks them over, unconscious, as she does with Belle, who also stands in her way. Regina tells Henry and Dr. Hopper to get in a closet and lock the door. Zelena comes around the corner and knocks Regina down too. So much for this protection spell that was supposed to keep out dark magic….

Glinda shows Zelena the West of Oz that is for her. They see a cyclone and find that a house has crashed down and out comes Dorothy Gale from Kansas (which is where I am from, incidentally!). Glinda thinks she is special and takes her to meet the sisters and Zelena starts to get jealous again.

The Charmings baby is born and it’s a boy. So, I guess I was wrong–it’s not Dorothy. Snow barely has a second to hold him before Zelena bursts in and knocks Dr. Frankenstein out and freezes Charming. The baby appears in Zelena’s arms and Snow tries to lunge for her, but she freezes her too. She disappears and everyone unfreezes and Snow sobs.

The witch sisters fawn over Dorothy and Zelena watches from the bushes. Glinda goes after her and Zelena shows that she is turning green again. Zelena thinks Dorothy is the more likely candidate to take her seat because she is more innocent. She has appropriated the book of records and says that Glinda didn’t tell her the whole prophecy, which is that the new witch is supposed to unseat the greatest evil the realm has ever seen, which Zelena believes means Dorothy unseats her. Glinda tells her that she has a choice.

Charming grabs his sword and goes after Zelena. Emma appears and reveals she failed and that she doesn’t have her magic, though she is reluctant to reveal how and why. Well, you should be embarassed to tell them that you chose Hook over everyone else, including your own son! Regina says that’s it, there is no other way. Henry pipes up and says that Regina was able to break the other curse by light magic, so she can beat Zelena. He tells her that she has changed and that she’s now a hero and he believes in her.

In Oz, Zelena confronts Dorothy. She conjures a fireball and Dorothy instinctively throws water on her and she melts. Obviously that can’t be the end of it. Glinda appears and says the prophecy has come to pass. But, Dorothy wants to go home, so Glinda takes her to see the Wizard. Zelena rises in a cloud of green smoke after they leave.

As Zelena places the baby in the fourth of the containers surrounding her circle, she explains why this particular baby was so important. Not only is he an innocent baby, but he is the product of the truest love which makes him the most innocent of all. She tells Rumpel that he will choose her when she changes the past and Rumpel says that no matter where she goes, he will kill her. As she starts her spell, Hook, Emma, Regina, Charming, and Robin Hood enter with weapons drawn. Rumpel knocks them down at Zelena’s bidding and he tells them to get the dagger or he will have no choice but to destroy them. Zelena chokes Regina and says her destiny was to be evil and it will be her undoing because only light magic can defeat her. Then Regina summons light and knocks Zelena down and the dagger away from her. Regina says she makes her own destiny and takes the pendant from Zelena and all her magic leaves. I kept thinking, “someone grab the dagger!!!” Rumpel grabs Zelena and is about to kill her when Regina picks up the dagger and stops him. Rumpel is surprised and everyone else looks pretty shocked too. Rumpel says she has done so much evil and killed his son but Regina says that good magic stopped her and good doesn’t exact vengeance and that heroes don’t kill.

In Oz, the Wizard behind the curtain (supposedly back to his human form after Zelena is destroyed) gives Dorothy some gold slippers that she clicks together to go home. Where are the ruby ones? Then, the curtain falls down and Zelena stands there. She did all this to get rid of Dorothy and she banishes Glinda to the Enchanted Forest.

Zelena sits in a jail cell and asks Regina why she didn’t kill her. Regina tells her that she understands, that their mother ruined them both. Regina says she was a lot like Zelena not long ago, but she also didn’t succeed and wants to offer her what she got: a second chance. But, she shows her evil queen side too when she says that Zelena better take the offer to change her destiny or Regina will be there to take her heart and crush it. Then she says she is going to put the pendant somewhere safe. I’m thinking, “Oh my goodness! Are you stupid? Destroy that thing!” You know nothing good can come of it still hanging around somewhere. Regina locks it in a box in her vault/catacombs. She smiles and we hear a bit of that evil queen music playing, which is somewhat disturbing.

At Gold’s Shop, Rumpel and Belle are reunited. Belle reveals that Regina gave her the dagger, saying she is the one that could be trusted most with it. I’m really surprised at Regina for this. Then Belle gives it it to Rumpel as a sign of trust and freedom. I kept waiting for him to chuckle his impish laugh or something because this reeks of a bad idea! She makes him promise not to go after Zelena. Then he gives it back to Belle, saying he is forever hers and asks her to marry him and she says yes. While this sentiment of trust and believing in him is very sweet, I cannot help but be suspicious that he would give up his vengeance and avenging his son’s death so easily that he would immediately rush off and get engaged.

Charming brings the baby back to Snow. Hook asks Emma if she got her magic back after Zelena was defeated and she says no. All seems happy except for Hook who looks brokenhearted at the thought of Emma going back to New York. Buck up, you know she won’t or there wouldn’t be a show!

In her jail cell, Zelena hears someone approaching and thinks it’s Regina. However, it’s Rumpel. He reveals that he pulled a switcheroo on Belle and she has a fake dagger and he has the real one. Zelena jumps up and gets her back against the wall. Zelena begs for her life but Rumpel says he promised Neal that he would avenge his death and that Rumpelstiltskin never breaks a deal. And he stabs her. She turns into a statue, which shatters at his feet and then turns to dust and disappears. Meanwhile, in Regina’s vault, a green smoke oozes out of the box she hid the pendant in and goes through town to Zelena’s and starts up the fiery circle where Zelena was trying to cast her spell.

In the preview to the two-hour season finale, we don’t learn much about where this episode will go. It seems like a lot of flashbacks, though we do see Emma and Hook in the Enchanted Forest, Emma dressed in a red ballgown and some sort of swordfight going on. The voiceover says in the final minutes of next week’s show, we will see where we are going next and it looks like Emma, held by Hook is falling through a portal, possibly the portal that was being opened up by Zelena’s spell. Any ideas on what is going to happen next? Where will next season take us? I’m interested in hearing your ideas in the comments below.

In other news, Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays Snow White, married her real life Prince Charming, Josh Dallas, just two days after they wrapped up shooting and their baby is due any time now. She was on Jimmy Kimmel Live and I saw part of the interview that was really cute that I’d like to pass on:

Thank you for sharing!


Monday 12th of May 2014

thanks for sthanks for sharing..i'll check it out!haring..i'll check it out!

Marielle Altenor

Friday 9th of May 2014

I've always been curious about that tv show but have not yet seen any of the episode. I'm going to see if I have it on my Netflix! It really sounds really interesting! =)


Friday 9th of May 2014

I can't wait to CATCH UP on this show. I admit I had to scroll to the end!!

Danielle (Todays The Best Day)

Thursday 8th of May 2014

Ah!!! You know whats so funny? My husband watches this show! I am with him, but I am normally blogging so I don't really pay attention. We have watched it for a while now!! Love this!!

Alexandra McAllister

Thursday 8th of May 2014

Thanks for sharing! I enjoy the show but I've missed a few! Now I'll be up-to-date!